Nature of human Beings. What is life?

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I really enjoy Nature of human being classes actually. It really makes me understand human existence?

why do we live? what Is life?

we read some short stories in class and watched I video and  some lessons I got from these clips are:-

These short stories were written by  Anton Chekhov.

The bet

A seemingly straightforward wager about the nature and worth of life is presented in “The Bet.”

The lawyer looks to be “winning” since the wager’s conditions are fulfilled at first. He reads the Gospels, literature, philosophy, history, and theology. There are moments of genuine elation, such as when the young lawyer describes his “unearthly happiness” at having learned many languages and thus having even more access to the accumulated thought of “the geniuses of all ages and of all lands.” The young lawyer undoubtedly struggles; at times he is described as lying all day on his bed or talking angrily to himself. Additionally, the lawyer serves out his fifteen years in prison day by day without ever attempting to flee.

The banker, who has been free all this time, is currently miserable. By the time he reaches the age of fifteen, the good fortune of his early life has evaporated due to his excessive spending on materialistic pleasures and dismal stock market performance. The money he will owing if he loses the bet could ruin him because his millions have diminished. In order to void the wager, he therefore takes action to assassinate the attorney. Although the banker initially gave the lawyer advice to not forgo his best years in exchange for the promise of a future fortune, he eventually changes his opinion in the face of financial devastation. The way “The Bet” concludes presents the reader with a new question to consider: not what the meaning of life is, but rather whether there is even a meaning to existence. People are social beings, and this narrative poignantly illustrates the toll being utterly isolated and cut off from his familiar surroundings can have on an individual. An excellent illustration of this is the lawyer’s irregular and unpredictable behavior throughout the novel. While the attorney initially denies using tobacco or drinking alcohol, later on he develops an addiction and smokes and drinks often.

A Slander

The story is generally based on the irony of Ahineev realizing that hewas the one who spread his own gossip. The slander also demonstrating we are our own worst enemy. The narrative is especially intriguing since it seems as though Chekhov is addressing the subject of duty. rather than reflecting on himself and realizing his error. Ahineev continues to assign blame. Despite the fact that he can’t really believe all the individuals he related the tale to. There wouldn’t be a problem if Ahineev had just laughed off Vankin’s statement. Ahineev, though, seemed to have obstructed everything with his pride and ego. He has become protective as a result of this, as well as his dread of being connected with someone from a lower social class or with infidelity. And the most effective kind of defense is an attack. Vankin was the victim of anything Ahineev did at the wedding. It might be a lesson from the tale to not take things as seriously as Ahineev has. Nothing would have happened if he had responded to Vankin’s remark with more composure. At the conclusion of the tale, Ahineev is not only ashamed but also unsure about the source of the rumor that he kissed Marfa. Vankin’s innocent comment brought Ahineev nothing but difficulties, but he refuses to accept responsibility for his role in it. In his attempt to defend himself, he exposed himself to anyone who might have deliberately misconstrued his tale and hurt Ahineev.

Death of a government clerk

As worker who unintentionally sneezes in front of significant general Brizzhalov. Ivan panics despite the general forgiving him almost right away, and his inability to overcome the error ultimately proves fatal. The ludicrous logic of bureaucracies and other contemporary power structures is mocked. The themes of humiliation, dread, anxiety, worry, insecurity, and appearance are explored in Anton Chekhov’s novel The Death of a Government Clerk.

The lottery ticket.

The themes of hope, aspiration, selfishness, power, greed, control, freedom, and satisfaction are explored in Anton Chekhov’s novel The Lottery Ticket. This story shows a part of human nature saying  it is evitable that we as humansact selfishly once faced with a situation of good fortune. The narrative demonstrates how we are essentially conditioned to act stingily and with greed because we believe that possessing everything will make us “happy.

We learn a vital lesson about how your actions and quality of life can be affected by a simple notion about money. He accomplishes this by erroneously believing that he will win the lotto. He proves this by using a married couple that allow money to interfere with their marriage. This anecdote has helped me come to the conclusion that when there is a chance of unexpected wealth, humans have a selfish and nasty impulse in their minds.

Experencie III ( The leapers of ghana)

The brothers travel to Africa with their pals Michael Campo and Matthew Sanchez. Michael is traveling to a leper colony in a rural area of Ghana. The boys encounter AIDS patients and their families as they make their way to the colony. They become friends with lepers who have been banished from their villages and are scarred by the disease after they arrive at the leper colony. 

The brothers return to their lives in New York at the film’s conclusion with a new perspective and understanding of the human condition. Additionally, Jeffrey and Clifford unexpectedly run upon their father at the movie’s conclusion and are reconciled with him. Clifford and Jeffrey haven’t seen each other in ten years, but they still forgive him.

The sacredness of human existence, the importance of family, and how to find joy and meaning despite suffering are all topics that are expertly covered in this well-paced documentary. It offers a distinctive perspective into our world and is a potent and occasionally sad movie.


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