My COVID-19 Experience.

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My encounter with COVID-19 was so unpleasant that I fear the idea of having to go through it again at any point in the future. The entire planet Earth was brought to its knees when it appeared out of thin air. 
Personally, I believe it arrived in Nigeria at the same time as my business began extending its reach into additional Nigerian states. This sad coincidence happened. We had already bought the necessary assets for the expansion and stocked them with the intention of starting operations immediately, so we were taken aback when we learned that the entire country was under lockdown. We were unable to launch operations at the new locations; we were unable to liquidate our inventory; this led to a cash flow issue in the company. We are still responsible for paying our staff even while the building is closed down. This was a moment when things were both awful and scary. We were lucky that the government allowed us to sell some of our items to government organizations and research facilities during the six months that we were compelled to remain under lockdown. These trades allowed us to maintain our financial stability and protected us from going bankrupt. These parts were used to create ventilators, temperature-sensing equipment, and other goods with related purposes.

After six months of lockdown, we were finally given some restricted freedom of movement, and I took advantage of the chance to conduct market research at the Alaba international market. It had only been a few days since I returned from my trip to Alaba when I received a dinner invitation from a business associate. I decided to put on my perfume while I was getting ready for the dinner, but to my complete amazement, I was unable to detect any aroma at all. I decided to ignore it and carry on preparing for the dinner, but the next day it was much worse, and I was completely unable to perceive any odors at all. I hastily scheduled a consultation with an ENT expert, and they advised me to undergo a COVID 19 test. I knew the virus was in my body as soon as I saw that the test had returned a positive result. It seems that I made contact with a COVID-19 carrier in Alaba. The following day, the COVID-related symptoms persisted in showing up. I was told to isolate myself in my house while I took the medication that was meant to strengthen my immune system. It was a really depressing moment for me since I was unable to interact with my child while I was in the seclusion phase. I could only interact with my friends and family via video calls. I had to spend seven days in isolation before I started to feel better and could come out. It took me a month, even after I started to feel better, to be able to taste again, and two months before I could perceive any odor, even after the other symptoms had left.


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