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What does freedom mean to Me?

It is a state of being free, the condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think etc

Narrowing it down to me from this brief definition; its is the ability to eat food of my choice, practice any religion, wardrobe style, football club etc. Though regardless over time so many of these options took a while before I could start making them.

A brief reflection of freedom was upon receiving my first paycheck, felt like the end of the world, no more waiting on hand-down dresses, end of the era of being the errand girl as the last child in other to receive allowance from my parents and siblings etc.

But in truth the idea of freedom comes at a cost; because I had to work, the more my tastes/choices changed; the more time, effort, sacrifices etc. I needed to make to achieve what is called financial freedom.

Financial freedom cuts across so many decisions because it decides if I can take a trip to the next world wonder, buy the latest gadget; make decisions in investment opportunities such as Agric-investment, shares, Now-selling land opportunities etc. Which didn’t all go according to plan causing a bit of slight setback but still must keep pushing.

My first recollection of the idea of freedom would be entering tertiary university, for the first time in my life breaking off the cultural parental love that can be sort of over-protective. It was exhilarating, being able to sleep outside the house as I got a place in the hostel, not being told bedtime and explore the endless list of youthful thoughts (social life). It brought about a new phase to life, living with people from different backgrounds, ideology etc.

A Short poem

Do we really know  what I am?

Do you know what I can do for. You?

Are you ready to pay the price for me?

and understand the cost of freedom,

I am precious like a Diamond.

what we chase to attain freedom,

levels and heights we pursue all for freedom

sleepless nights, day in day out,

our pride, our ego, our voices, our breath, our LIVES.

But we don’t relent, we keep on moving

Light at the end of the tunnel is FREEDOM,

Even if it costs the lives of those we love and cherish.

Freedom from abject poverty

Freedom from bondage

Freedom from slavery

Freedom from oppression

Freedom from pain

Freedom from whatever takes control of us.

Freedom awaits us, but she is worth it

Yes, she is worth it but we need to fulfill our part for her to exist.

Can you pay the price, will you sacrifice what you have for me? She is asking.

We hear her speak, soft and gently but still we don’t understand.

All we want is Freedom, we cannot see anything beyond Freedom.

Yes, we can pay the price.

What is the price we must pay?

It cannot be more than we see right in front of us.

Till the journey after freedom is attained do we truly understand

Freedom comes a price.

The Scars are an everlasting reminder.

Does freedom look good to you right now,

Again, was it worth the pursue?

Are you Free indeed?


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