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In life, when we haven’t started out or are new in business or something that involves us and is important to our lives, we tend to be very religious and would probably say words like “I will never see problems or challenges in my life or business God Forbid”. Some of us at one time or the other have said this, and while it’s ok to be and speak positively towards our lives and the work of our hands, we also have to accept that as a business owner, you will be faced with challenges. More often than not, these challenges or issues are not planned. After all, no one wakes up in the morning and calls trouble for themselves but there’s only little you can control when dealing with people- from staff to customers and even suppliers. But one thing is sure; for every challenge in business, there’s always a way out when a well thought out plan is implemented and this is where ANALYSIS OF BUSINESS PROBLEM comes into play.

As business leaders, we must brace up to these fact and equip ourselves with the right amour to fight problems when they come. There are certain steps that we can take that will lead to a happy ending or even if a happy ending might not always be the case, but at the least, these steps help us reach a conclusion that aligns with the Goal. Now the big question! Do we always know the goal? “Lol” while this is one of the most difficult parts to see when you are faced with a problem, it’s not always true that we don’t have a goal, we sometimes are just bewildered with the issue confronting us at the time that we forget to see our objective (goal) which in hindsight is right in front of us or let’s say, lying side by side the problem.

To this end, I’ll be dishing out some step-by-step process as earlier stated, these processes, if well implemented while taking off emotions because sometimes our emotions get in the way and we tend to make decisions based on how we feel which might not be what the situation needs. These processes will help us Analyse business problems effectively and bring us to a conclusion or an array of conclusions depending on how many problems we are trying to solve per time that will eventually favour the business or sometimes favour life decisions.

Here’s how I list them in order of preference:

Understand — Define – Guide— Brainstorm — Develop – Evaluate – Decide –Plan –Re evaluate.

   These 8 systematic approach which i call the “Power House” of analysing problems, provide the framework for gathering necessary information in line with the issue(s) at hand or in complex situations to proffer solutions.

Each part has the role in plays in analysing complex situations or challenges to reach a solution in line with the objective and l will be taking us on a step by step process in my next article. What each stands for, what to look out for and how we can apply them when faced with challenges as Business Leaders. See you in my next article.



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