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Orile Agege General Hospital is a multi-specialty secondary healthcare facility in Lagos state, offering a wide array of healthcare services to Lagosians.


To be the choice regional center for excellence in health care delivery in Lagos state.


To deliver prompt, qualitative and affordable healthcare services in a friendly environment, in line

with International best practices.


Respect, Empathy and Professionalism


To provide a health service delivery atmosphere that offers a wow customer experience, with the aim of achieving customer loyalty and ultimately ensure customer retention.

4 ‘P’s of Marketing (Marketing mix)

A marketing mix refers to a set of methodologies and tools that a firm uses to achieve its marketing objectives in the specific market targeted. It helps to define marketing options so that offering meets specific customers’ needs or demands.

The Four ‘P’s include:

Product – Customers’ solution

Price – Customers’ cost

Place – Convenience

Promotion – Communication


• Offerings: providing qualitative healthcare services as the client arrives at the hospital.

• Target audience is not clearly defined as all strata of society are attended to, however, the hospital has recently created premium services to attract high-end clients by providing fast-track services.

• There is the availability of concierge services for premium customers with the setting up of the Patient Care Coordination Team (PCC).

• The hospital offers core services, supplementary goods and services, facilitating and supportive services.

• Core services include consultation, counselling, procedures, pharmaceuticals and laboratory services that solve patients’ medical problems

• Supplementary services offered include hospitality, catering services, entertainment, internet services

• Facilitating services include information, decentralized billing and payment methods.

• Expansion of laboratory and radiological services through partnerships with private sector to provide increased access to patients.

• Continuous service delivery innovations, such as annual and bi-annual comprehensive medical check packages.

• Periodic auditing and analysis of the services will help in identifying missed gaps


Pricing is subject to government policy, controls, reimbursements, individual benefits and consumer price elasticity. The hospital adopts a transparent pricing system, offering the best care to customers at the lowest possible price. This is done to earn the customers’ trust and is made possible due to the economies of scale principle as the hospital enjoys large patronage.


• Physical access: the hospital is easily accessible from major highways and strategically located at a border community between the suburbs of Lagos and Ogun states. The hospital layout and distribution of buildings is well designed to ensure flawless workflow and seamless access for patients to navigate the hospital’s healthcare services.

• Open Access: the hospital offers 24 hours services. While all out-patient clinics run from 8am to 4pm daily, emergency services run 24 hours and such patients are given maximum attention by well-trained professionals

• Reduced waiting time: the introduction of a ‘timed staggered appointment’ system has helped to reduce the previous prolonged wait times, thus, initial appointments and follow up visits are much better managed.

• Introduction of Electronic Medical Records has helped in streamlining the onboarding of patients, aside from ensuring proper keeping of patients’ records.


The hospital has engaged in an aggressive health promotion and communication strategy not only to educate the public on healthcare issues, but to build a brand name recognition for itself in the consciousness of the general public. To this end several steps have been taken including:

• Social Media presence: the hospital uses social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to connect with the general public as well as potential clients. In the process, knowledge about general health education as well as information on trending happenings and successes of the hospital are shared with both existing and potential clients. The social media channels also allow patients to provide feedback to the hospital in the form of complaints, thus, allowing the hospital to quickly make amends through service recovery mechanisms.

• Service Delivery Directorate: this unit of the hospital uses surveys, interviews and direct engagements to collect patient testimonials about their care experience while in the hospital. Complaints and conflicts are also collated, analyzed and resolved using various service recovery mechanisms.

• Health education: The out-patient clinics provide an opportunity for the hospital to provide health tips and various other forms of health counseling to our patients while waiting their turn to see the doctor. These are done by senior nurses, hospital pharmacists, nutritionists or physiotherapists etc., depending on the topic.

• The health talks are complemented with educational videos conveying the many programs and services offered by the hospital. These also keep the clients engaged while waiting to get serviced.

• As a form of Corporate Social Responsibility, the hospital periodically organizes community health engagement and outreach programs in partnerships with many other corporate organizations, where free health services are offered to members of the public either generally (free health outreach at the local markets and parks), or targeted (free Oral Health Outreach for Students in Public Schools, Free Glaucoma Screening, Free Mammography, Free Back to School Health Outreach for Children ages 5-15 years etc.).



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