A car is not just a necessity; it is a product to be taken care of, especially if we want durability and a good life span. Growing up as an African girl, we mostly leave anything car related to our brothers or other males to handle or manage. For the same reason, male offspring learn to drive and learn more about the vehicle than female offspring. While females will floor males when it comes to kitchen affairs (I can hear your various responses of nay and yay), it is needless to say, we will always agree to disagree.

I recall my dad saying that owning a car is a huge responsibility. You have to know how different parts of the car work and not just drive the car from point A to point B. I can still hear my Dad asking, “Have you checked the radiator, or do you need to learn how to jump-start the battery? Trust me, he still asks the same questions today.

No matter where you reside in the world, a car emergency can occur without prior notice. Most of us just panic and do not know what to do. Some people have slept in their vehicles till the following day, awaiting assistance from either a family member or their mechanic. Thus, every car owner should pay attention to safety, especially at night.

Therefore, it is important to know what to keep in your car at all times should you find yourself in this situation.

Firstly, a first aid kit should be in your car for emergencies. A lot of people may think having this is not necessary. I beg to differ, as you never know whose life may be saved with the items in the first aid kit. Accidents do not give notice, even when you are changing a tire or opening the radiator to let steam out. An unplanned injury may occur and need attention. So keep refilling and updating the kit.

Also, a warning triangle or C-section sign should be placed at a strategic distance during a breakdown. The C-caution (as it is known in Nigeria) has a reflective red tint. This sends motorists a message not to ramp into their car, especially at night when their vision or visibility is poor.

Water is another essential item to have, especially when the engine is overheating. Having bottles of water can go a long way toward saving a motorist in this situation. While waiting for assistance, dehydration can set in, and water, as we have been told one time too many, is life.

A tool kit comprising a screwdriver, pliers, pen knife, nuts, bolts, etc., does come in handy during car emergencies. Sometimes, we notice vehicles stopping abruptly. This may be a result of a loose car battery, which can be fixed with one of the tool items in the kit (either a screwdriver or plier).

Physical cash or money is key during vehicle emergencies. We will always need to purchase an item needed to fix something, such as a tyre or food, and or make payment to the toll truck.

A flashlight is another great item to have when the car breaks down. This is needed at night for better visibility in fixing the car.

I am certain you did not expect a lady to be the one giving vehicle tips, but this beautiful damsel will keep the vehicle tips update coming. Be on the lookout.


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