Intelligent control of one’s life (with Front of the class video)

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People grow up with different lifestyle, experience, and even trauma at times, which eventually shapes them into what they will become in the future. A man can be living with a physical or psychological challenge and because of this, people outside his circle may place him in a position, not probably giving him a chance to show his skills or capabilities. I will be using Brad from the front of the class video as a reference. Brad had Tourette’s syndrome (a common neurodevelopmental disorder that begins in childhood or adolescence, it’s accompanied by common tics such as blinking profusely, throat clearing, sniffling, etc.) When this issue first occurred, most doctors then hadn’t ever come across such a medical challenge, so no name was given to his condition.
At the beginning of the movie, when Brad and his younger brother were having fun, his father was seen as someone with a very limited amount of patience, and he showed his younger son more affection than his oldest child. I believe this was because he didn’t understand his own son’s situation and didn’t even try to as well. He just assumed his son had very little self-control and found him insufferable. As Brad grew up, most people didn’t think he should be working or teaching for that matter, however, he never gave up hope to find a school that could accept him with his tics. He didn’t allow his tics or problem to cloud his judgment or life, he learned how to deal with them, master them, and overcome them. True, he still blinked really fast and made a barking noise, but he continued to remain positive, and learn new and proper habits. Eventually, he was given the opportunity to teach children and prove to everyone that no matter the condition, environment, or experience, having intelligent control of your life takes time, but it’s not impossible.

Intelligent control of one’s life refers to the good of being able to act intelligently, acquiring mastery over our actions, and being able to shape our life and character in accordance with what we perceive to be true. Man can fail to exercise intelligent control over his life if he allows biases to take over his actions, or lash out due to prejudice or blind impulses. We should aim to control ourselves constantly by training our emotions and building up appropriate and good habits.
To go in-depth, what habits can I develop and how? For instance, growing up in a country that is known for its bribery and corruption state and working in one of its companies. I can choose to let integrity and prudence be part of my objectives. If I come across a situation that will make me go against my morals, I can choose to resist such things and make good decisions that correlate with my objective. Or another example, is an upcoming deadline for an important assignment or thesis, as a human being that wants to make rational decisions. In that case, I should aim to start preparations possibly a month or more before the actual presentation instead of doing things last minute.

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