GOD ABEG (Final Chapter)

Emmanuel Orji Written by Emmanuel Orji · 1 min read >

Kpo. Kpo. Kpo.

You stir in your sleep.

Kpo. Kpo. Kpooooo

The knock comes more insistent this time.

“Who is that?

“It’s me

“It’s you who?


You stagger out of the sofa and open the door.

“Landlord is calling you”

“Tell him I’m coming”

You go back into your room to wash your face and change. You still have no idea what you’re going to tell him but you have peace.

“Landlord good evening, Ekaale”

“My daughter, how are you”? Sit down. Junior, bring soft drink for aunty.

You are still kind of asleep but you register how unusual it is that landlord is being nice. So you think you’re dreaming. You still think you are dreaming when he tells you not to pay the extra on the rent, and he forces you to drink the soft drink. When you stand up to leave, he pushes an envelope into your hand and says, I just felt to give this back to you.

When you get back to your room, you ask yourself what just happened and pinch your arm and decide to figure it all out in the morning.

When you wake up, your eyes go to the envelope and you realize yesterday was not a dream and you start crying because you are amazed at mercy.

When you count the money, you realize it’s the same amount you gave him for the rent at the beginning of the year. You smile because now you know what to do.

The next day you pack your things, say goodbye to uncle Juru and use the money for transport fare back to Asale.

You come back in five years’ time to buy the house from landlord.


  ·   1 min read

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