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Long One course I most likely haven’t mentioned at all is nature of human beings AKA NHB not just because we have not had so many classes but also that I do not really know what it is about yet.

So here is a quick recap, some of my classmates resumed before I did for a brush-up programme. They have a better understanding of some courses because they started from the very beginning but I’m up to date with most of the courses right now except one or two like NHB.

During the time I had not resumed, my colleagues were given tons and tons of assignments. They must have gotten atleast three assignments after each class no cap! The brushup session lasted three weeks and NHB was like six times a week (quick maths: 3 x 6 x 3 = 54). When I resumed, I inherited 54 assignments unprovoked. 

Now imagine that I have other courses to attend to and I have problems from the past still hunting me. It gets really overwhelming when I have unfinished work with no end date insight. Remember after I resumed, we had some other classes on NHB and we got more ASSIGNMENTS.

I have a deadline to submit all pending tasks in three days. Currently, I am only half way done but somehow, I need to get everything done and submit otherwise it would affect my grades.

While working on some due tasks this week, I watched this video task about some guy with Tourette’s syndrome. This is a condition where the brain sends wrong signals to the body and this results to the person making disturbing sounds and random body movements.

Tourette’s syndrome is incurable and the victims are usually born with it. The victims exhibit different symptoms like grinding their teeth, stamping feet, snapping fingers, shouting etc.  All the traits come off strange, disturbing and intolerable to normal people.

In this case, the subject with his condition was determined to be a primary school teacher. Ideally this should be a no brainer but he was really focused on his goal. Though it was a struggle for himself to read but he put in extra work and managed to pass his way through school. While applying to schools, he usually got invited to interviews after dropping his cvs but was always rejected because of Tourette’s. 

He still didn’t let this get the best of him as he kept applying. At a time he had to work as a laborer while still applying for teaching roles just to fend for himself. Eventually, he got a job and became the childrens favorite teacher within a short time of teaching them due to his distinct style of impacting knowledge. The students became fond of him and showed good enthusiasm about their school work.

This story particularly teaches me about focus and determination. If you work towards any goal, you have and you stay dedicated to it, no matter how it will take, the goal will be achieved.

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