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For a long time, Doctors and Psychiatrists have told us that anxiety is okay, they have tried to explain to us that it’s a way of the brain reacting to stress, its nothing serious and can be managed.

In dealing with mine, I’ve read so many articles in the hopes of finding a way to manage my emotions, but no solution has ever worked, and anxiety always gets the best of me, whether it’s a simple task like climbing the stage to present an award, walking in a parking lot full of complete strangers, preparing for an interview, or giving a speech in public or private.

 I even tried using my zodiac sign to understand myself, but it didn’t help much, I attempted exercise, which helped for a bit, but then it was back to normal.

Dr. Kemi suggested that we listen to a podcast in which renowned Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Kevin Majares discusses how to deal with anxiety and frustration. It’s important to note that the interview took place during the height of Covid, when the entire world was on lockdown and had a significant impact on people’s mental health.

In the audio, Dr. Kevin Majares offered his advice on how to deal with and cope with anxiety and frustration, understanding the feelings and using them as opportunities to improve ourselves and achieve growth. However, when we do not understand or successfully manage these emotions, they become abnormal and impede our development.

He also discussed the difficulties we face in life, how they can bring out the best in us, and how we can use them to help others and improve their quality of life.

REFRAMING is the key to anxiety, think about the fact that the anxiety you’re feeling is adrenaline waiting to be used then change the worry into drive for useful work.

MINDFULNESS shows us how to handle distractions by focusing all of our attention on a single, easy job, which aids in training the brain to become present in the moment. By calming our minds, mindfulness enables us to focus on the task at hand.

BE POSITIVE: Invest in yourself, stretch your mind. Challenge yourself. Spend energy on the right things, cause energy spent on love and service will be gained while energy preserved decays.

Negative emotion is ‘growth’ waiting to happen. These emotions Point to a challenge that will become when you grow, it doesn’t don’t tell one how to grow better. The most negative emotion is SHAME. Where you feel your limitations are showing, but in the real sense they are not.

He considered these steps Reframing, Mindfulness and Challenge yourself as Meta skills needed to become resilient in the face of stress, have strategies for progress to curb negative emotions and give them steps.

In a society like ours, there are so many things to keep you on edge: insecurity, high inflation, fuel scarcity, family, recent floodings, heat, late-night traffic, and so much more. All these external factors will always exist, but finding a coping mechanism is critical to maintaining your health.

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