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Man has three basic needs and they are; food, shelter, and clothing. Man, also has other needs like, safety, a sense of belonging, esteem, self-actualization, etc. Amongst all the needs of man, life is the most supreme fulfillment because all other goods are subordinate to life. For everyone, their life is a treasure. Where there is life, there is hope.

This story is about a boy that did not have the sense of security and love he needed from his family. He felt his father did not love him and it made him see the world differently because family is where human life begins.  This made him unfulfilled because naturally, man is a social being and finds fulfillment in interpersonal relationships. He chose to travel to different places to learn how people survive and to also discover himself. He experienced being homeless and not having anything to eat. He saw people with medical conditions that could not afford medical care and people that had been abused but they wanted to survive. These people found fulfillment in life, their religion, and their humanity.

There are several ways man gets fulfillment, it can be from external factors (Extrinsic) or internal factors (Intrinsic). Examples of Extrinsic fulfilments are; money, status, power, security, etc. Examples of Intrinsic fulfilments are; Life, knowledge, play, aesthetic experience, harmony with other people, humanity, religion, intelligent control of one’s life, etc. In the human experience story, some of these fulfilments were portrayed.

I, on the other hand, came from a broken home. My parents were separated before I was born and I never got to meet my father till his burial. In as much as I did not have my father’s love, I still have my mother who loves me very much and makes sure I get all the love I desire. I also have a relationship with a God that loves me unconditionally and I find fulfillment in that.

The will is an intellectual appetite by which we feel attracted to anything we see to be good (that brings fulfillment). The will to make my mother proud and also put a smile on people’s faces has been my motivation and I am always fulfilled when I see people happy. There is a need for me to survive, to get an education and a job because I know someone needs me. I chose to do an MBA because I wanted to leave my comfort zone and improve the quality of my market value. This would enable me to acquire and implement the proper skills and values needed to in the business world as it would make me fulfilled. So far in this program, I am not only learning new things and acquiring new skills, but I also now know that we need to be ethical and consider others before making decisions.

I get fulfillment from security, liberty, self-actualization, relationships with people, religion, knowledge, and helping people. Above all these goods I listed, my greatest fulfillment is life because no matter what you go through, life is still good. Where there is life, there is hope.

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