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Goal Setting– time is best managed when we set our targets right, the goals need to be cleared and this will help to apportion time efficiently to the right tasks at the appropriate time. We need to set our short, medium, and long-term targets- just like a saying that says, ‘’he who fails to plan plans to fail’’.

Stop Procrastination– “Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well’’-(Mark Twain). Procrastination is still our time, so do away with it if you are to succeed. The habit of leaving everything until the last minute may lead to seeking last-minute solutions, which may not be feasible at all times. Giving procrastination a chance to govern your daily life may lead to a loss of opportunities in your career and delay your success.

Know when to delegate- delegation of duties to the right person, with right the skills and at the right time helps you to manage your time, increases work efficiency and achieve your targets within the time frame. It is the best way to achieve more tasks every day and in doing this, the important thing is to know whom to delegate to and when, you should also provide the necessary guidance in accomplishing the task timely.

Avoid distractions- it’s good to focus on one’s goal, and avoid distractions to be able to manage your time efficiently in achieving the desired success. Distractions could be in form of noise, face booking, snap chatting, and toying with the phone when important activities are going on, this could lead to making a fundamental mistake that could lead to financial loss, if not loss of life for someone in medical line. The way will manage our time defines the difference between a successful person and a non-successful person.

Meeting timeline- Here, I will like to use my company as a practical example. We have a different timeline for all activities like meetings- all staff need to be at the internal meeting latest 5 minutes before time and for external meetings, 15 minutes before the time (either physical or virtual meeting) and any staff who violates the guidelines will be sanctioned appropriately, this makes all staff be self-aware and keep to meeting time always. We also have a different timeline for summiting specific projects and reports. Setting a timeline is an integral part of business processes and obeying the timeline is a vital skill that can be learned with discipline and determination. An entity or individual setting an achievable timeline is key to business and individual success.

Quiet moment-it is important to have a quiet moment in your life, it is time to listen to your inner self and it’s also the best use of your time if well utilized. During your quiet time, you will be able to reflect on so many things that could help you plan your time efficiently. Experts say that quiet moment has been proven to be the best time that yields the best ideas when used productively.

Time management means organizing your time intelligently so that you use it more effectively; staying motivated, keeping your spirit high, focusing on your goals, avoiding distractions in overcoming time management challenges and making the best use of your time in achieving the desired success in your careers.


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