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Technology and modern education have long been intertwined. That makes having an e-learning platform for institutions a must. An electronic learning platform has a secure layout. E-learning platforms generally serve many functions and are usually created with users in mind. It is a platform designed to provide users with a variety of resources and services. It doesn’t matter if it’s email, an intra-module discussion board, a knowledge base, a search engine, external links, a discussion board for cases, or forms. There are far too many advantages to creating an e-learning platform for students. In addition to supporting academics, it can assist management with a variety of duties. Among others, reaching out to students and teachers, achieving institutional goals, and serving the larger community.

We have an e-learning platform here at the Lagos Business School. This platform has several uses. The students get access to all of the due assignments on the assignment part of their platform, where they can download and complete them. The students don’t need to deliver these assignments in print format or see the teachers in person to hand them the assignments; instead, they can submit them online using the submission link for their teachers to grade. The platform will allow teachers to review student assignments once they are turned in by the students and grade each assignment individually. This also makes it simpler for the teachers because it facilitates their ability to grade student work quickly and efficiently.

The grade report is yet another crucial component of this online learning platform. This is one of the most crucial aspects that the students’ portal on the online learning platform must have. Students will be able to examine their reports and track their progress throughout the course and during the terms and semesters with the help of the Grading Report online. The grading report is thorough enough to include all the information for the grading components, including the assignments, tests, and attendance. The grading report is also dynamic, with updates reflected immediately. As a result, the students can check their grades at any time for all their courses and all the gradable objects.

Students can instantly check the schedule from the platform after the schedule for that classroom is created. The schedule will show all of the daily sessions as well as all of the weekly days. The course and the instructor who will lead the session for this class will be displayed for each session. The semester and session course outlines are also available, allowing students to get ahead by reading or gathering pertinent readings and information. The subjects are organized by session. The platform also includes each course’s objective, which helps students understand what the course and its instructor want to teach them.

Students can visit a student portal section to find their instructors for each subject they are taking. The students can study the profiles and bios of each lecturer to get to know them better.

Students at the Lagos Business School benefit from all of the e-learning platform’s aforementioned features as they make learning easier.

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