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Hello everyone, welcome to another segment on my personal blog. I hope you all had an amazing week just like I did. Anyways sit back, grab a snack, and a bottle of wine, and enjoy this week’s episode.

This week has been an interesting and stressful ride.  All the lectures for this week were actually virtual, which I am not a fan of because I prefer physical classes. There is this vibe and energy that physical classes have, it gives room for faster assimilation. All thanks to the terrible electricity in this area, I still had to wake up early to go to school to make use of the light and internet. This light issue is really tiring though, there is still no light as I write 🤦but anyways we must survive. During the weekend, I set a target for myself, because I needed extra time to read what I have learnt and practice it again and again.  So majorly I spent most of the weekends reading and practicing, I think I’m getting better now 😊 and adapting pretty fast.

We had a group assignment to do, which means we have to come together, read together, and practice the cases together, which is something I really enjoy because I get to understand people’s views on different topics, and makes my learning better. I think my team did pretty well during the presentation and I’m very proud of all my teammates, kudos to them, we are getting better.

I think the classes are getting tedious and more demanding with little or no time for anything, not even for my personal blog though 😪. Lots of assignments, lots of deadlines, and lots of cases to read also and prepare for. To be honest, I think I still need extra practice on some courses, I need to understand them much better, but with time, that will be possible so for now, I will still continue to practice and practice.

Anyways away from academics, I have discovered a new food company here in Ajah, with them I can actually focus on my study and just order whenever I am hungry, no need to disturb myself with cooking and you know that saves time (time management 😌), I am not lazy, I am only putting what I have learnt into practice 😂. I don’t think I can get used to this Ajah traffic, it can be frustrating, but traffic is part of Lagos 🤦. It is well, we would definitely survive. Electricity is my biggest issue here, and I hope sooner or later it will be solved because electricity is very essential but thanks to LBS for always being there for me.

So, for now, I think I have settled well into this Island life, and I am ready to go. It is not as boring and difficult as my first month here. I am getting used to the life here and very soon I will understand the life here better. I hope you enjoyed my Mainland to Island story, anyways next week I will be writing on something different, I am sure you can’t wait. See you next time.

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