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Three blogs a week. Wow! “With all I have going on, where do I find the time to write three blogs a week?”, I asked myself.

But like any other vocation, writing as a skill needs practice. The more you write, the better you get at it. The modern age of computers and emails as a form of letter writing, makes it easy to conflict fluent writing as writing well.

When blogging, you have to seek out resources that will continually improve your writing and make your blog successful.

Here is a list of tips that I use to improve my blogging:

1. Topic of Interest. When blogging, you have to pick a compelling topic that will appeal to your target audience. Once you’ve settled on a topic, it is time to put your writing skills to work.

2. Great / Catchy Title. Come up with a catchy title that will hook readers and make them want to read your article. Titles are important in attracting an audience to your blog and getting your post pageviews.

3. Outline Your Post. Before you begin writing, decide how you want to lay out your ideas and outline your post in order to walk readers through your thought / writing process.

4. Explain Your Connection to The Topic. Blogging has always been viewed as a personal form of writing. Bloggers connect with their readers and produce great content by making their blog writing personal.

5. Clear Layouts. Short paragraphs with clear topics. The use of bullet points lists out ideas that support their main point. Posts should be laid out in a clear and visually clean way to help readers follow.

6. Write What You Know (From the Heart). To avoid hitting a writer’s block in your work, come up with blog post ideas that you connect with on a deep, personal level. Writing blog posts that you feel passionately about will help readers connect with your work.

7. Propose Solutions. Provide your readers with a well-sourced case study that relates to the topic at hand. It’s not enough to just give a cursory overview of a topic.

8. Consider SEOs (Search Engine Optimization). Research SEO trends and SEO key terms and compare your blog post against the top-ranking results for search terms relevant to your topic. Example is Yoast SEO, which was initially on the African Musing dashboard page.

9. Proofread Your Work. After a first draft of a blog post, you have to read-through to look for errors and change sentences. It is easy to often skip this part of the process and rush to publish new posts. professional bloggers should take pains to make sure their posts are free from errors.

10. Blog Promotion. Promotion is important if your blog is connected with your business. Consider appearing on a podcast, starting an email list, or guest blogging on a related blog as ways to promote your own work. Marketing content is a hugely important part of being a successful blogger.




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