intrinsic and Extrinsic Goods

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So we had a great time today at class I must say. we were told to make a peacha kucha of our intrinsic and extrinsic goods. this is my summary of the videos and my personal taste .

intrinsic Goods

FootballSingingHelping peoplepraying BakingDrumming 

TravellingExercisingGoing to work 

intrinsic :- This when you do things just for the sake of it because it makes you happy .
extrinsic:- This when you do things for the sake of getting other things.

  • Making new friends
  • loving someone 
  • wisdom 
  • health 

why ?……Now take a look at making new friends. Now, it’s true that friendship is important and valuable because of other things that cause people to form friendships, such as to live longer and be happier, but we don’t value friendship simply because it has positive results; rather, we believe that having a friend is important and valuable in and of itself, regardless of any positive results it may bring about. 

Your instrumental value ( extrinsic), for instance, is money. Except for coin collectors, I suppose, no one wants money just for the sake of possessing it. Instead, people want money because it allows them to purchase items that they value in and of themselves, such as health-related items like vitamins and medications. When we appreciate something extrinsic not for its own sake but rather because it enables us to obtain something else that we do value for it and seek another way, we might say that it has instrumental value since it serves as a means to an objective that we value highly enough on its own.

On the one hand, we strive to explore things that are satisfying in themselves disregarding rewards we are motivated intrinsically by natural curiosity which we follow because it feels right and the opinions of others don’t matter. On the other hand, we strive to belong desire to be loved and seek to get the attention we think we deserve we are motivated extrinsically by buying rewards in order to progress socially.

The experience of wanting something or wanting to avoid it is motivation. When we examine the opposing factors that drive our human motivation for learning, growth, and achievement, we may distinguish between extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

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