A tale of a friend about his Friend

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Bob and Jerry were friends, admitted the same year to a university, and shared a somewhat complementary personality. Once they met, their friendship developed without hesitancy. They had been close friends and roommates all through school. They shared their immediate expectations and even their visions.

Bob had a background in security. As a result of that, he involved in the security apparatus of the school, as a result. A once serene school ambiance had become mired in the mindless excesses of cultists’ activities. The school, reportedly, had witnessed an upsurge in secret cult enrollments and their widespread activities thereof.

On this particular night, Jerry was leaning on the railings at the balcony. And then Bob sauntered by, greeted Jerry, and went into the room. Shortly, Jerry followed. Bob seemed laden with a burden. He was restless. Jerry suspected that Bob must have been returning from one of their many volunteer security operations, especially since the campaign season was there. Jerry followed Bob in but refrained from initiating any inquiries so as to give him room to pull himself together. Once Bob was ready, he beckoned Jerry once again to the corridors. In a low solemn tone, he confirmed that he had learnt that the school authorities had disqualified some candidates for elections due to adverse security reports. The school authorities would announce that decision any moment.

In the past, Jerry had shared his aspirations with Bob. Bob knew that Jerry had missed a chance to secure nomination due to circumstances that arose for him at the time. He therefore saw the impending disqualification as a room for Jerry to possibly secure nomination. He believed Jerry could participate in the election, and that he was eminently qualified enough, too. He was going to provide support in fundraising, campaigning, and logistics, as well.

And so it was that Jerry threw his hat into the ring. The campaign went on smoothly. On the manifestos were presented by the candidates, the atmosphere was electric. Jerry was received and believed by students. Jerry had his eyes on victory in the election. Various groups approached and proposed qualified support in return for subsequent gratification after clinching victory. Qualified support generally meant influencing the result of the election by unfair means. It was a difficult situation to respond to. Jerry wanted to win, certainly but would want that the win be fair too. Jerry, win or lose, wanted to be at peace with his mind that either be meritorious.

Elections concluded. Jerry lost. He was happy he did not sanction any rigging propositions. Jerry won himself and overcame the lure to access power illegitimately. He secured a more personal win. So he believed up to that day his friend told this tale to a friend.


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