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What would the world look like if we were speaking clearly to conscious listeners in a setting that was appropriate for our message?

What kind of environment would we build if we were cognizant of how we produced and consumed sound? I think that would be a lovely future where understanding would be the norm, and I want to convey that idea through this blog.

Recently, I learned that our voice, the human voice is an instrument, and is probably the most powerful and potent sound on this planet.

So, how do we express ourselves or communicate effectively enough to change the world?

Recognizing who your target audience is and the goal is also known as having an awareness of the audience and purpose. Shared meaning is the most crucial aspect of communication, and you can’t do this if you’re not fully aware of your audience, which entails listening to them.

To listen actively, you have to be open to making yourself “vulnerable”. opening yourself up to being misled or “deceived” in order to actively listen. It is also important to note that people’s listening patterns can be influenced by how we treat them.

If we listen effectively, we improve as communicators and as individuals.

There are a few habits we need to get rid of, and with the help of Julian Treasure, Here, I have gathered “seven deadly” sins of speaking for your amusement.

  • gossip – Speaking poorly of someone who isn’t there
  • judging
  • Negativity
  • Complaining
  • Embroidery
  • exaggeration
  • Dogmatism- confusion of facts with opinions

Additionally, It is not just what you say right now,  it is how you say it as well.   This is a tip that very few people are ever conscious of, despite the fact that this is general knowledge.

However, with Mr. Treasure’s assistance once more, here are four incredibly strong pillars or foundations that we may stand on if we want our speech to be effective and to affect change in the world. Thankfully, these things form an easily digestible word. “Hail” is the word.

The full meaning of the word is;

H: Honesty is being sincere, frank, and straightforward in what you say.

A:  Authenticity is genuineness, being who you are. “standing in your own truth.”

I: Integrity – if you act in accordance with your words, you have demonstrated your integrity

L: Love is wishing people well (If this is sincere, it’s difficult judging someone).

It is important to also note that sometimes, the message we provide might not be what is interpreted because everyone has different orientations, upbringings, and cultures that might influence how they process information and view and think. When the intended message and the received message are the same, communication is complete.

Therefore, it is your exclusive obligation and responsibility as a communicator or as a person who has chosen to pass a message to make sure that the information is free of confusion.

As usual, if you would like this blogger to learn something, kindly drop it in the comment box below!

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