Men are Social Beings

Oyinlola Somoye Written by Oyinlola Somoye · 1 min read >

One of the courses taught at the Lagos Business School is the Nature of Human Beings, this course is very vital and I will be recommending this course for anyone aspiring to be a world leader or for anyone intending to take up managerial positions as well as for our daily living with humans. The course allows you to appreciate the nature of man, man is purely not a rational being but have emotions which plays a very important role in determining his behavior. Hence, the need for man to develop the right emotions which is essential to his personal and professional development.

We all remember that popular saying ‘’ No man is an island’’ oh yes! Man cannot experience his ultimate fulfillment in isolation. Developing close interpersonal relationship with one another is very important to the fulfillment aspect of man. There can be no personal growth independent of other people’s needs around us. We need one another not because of what we can get immediately from a person, but because we need each other to achieve our goals, ultimate fulfillment, dreams and aspirations by living and interacting with others in the society.

As business leaders and managers, we should not only be concerned about meeting our professional objectives, but also endeavor to have close interpersonal relationship with our colleagues and other people around us, this gives people a sense of belonging and motives them to work optimally in carrying out the organization’s mission, vision, and core values. It is always a serious mistake to lose sight of the social nature of man, you need to lead people in such a way that you are not just seeking to maximize profits but genuinely making efforts to be concerned about people around you.

Our social interaction with one and another goes beyond just talking with each other but rather when we are committed to each other and having mutual love towards the next person. Most business organisations need to imbibe this into their ethical standards and conducts because at the end of the day the employees are the ones that carry out your operations in the business and when they fail to feel that sense of belonging the evidence is usually there in their output and as such, some might even resign and join your competitor.

One global event that took the whole world by surprise was the COVID 19 period, Coronavirus disease came into Nigeria sometimes in 2020 which was occasioned by a series of lock down where we were all confined into our various homes. Now, this event came with its own lessons, one of which is for man to have developed good close interpersonal relationships with one another. During the COVID 19 period, people could not go to their various offices and I must say that man’s movement was completely restricted during that period save for the exceptions, it became very frustrating and depressing for some people imagine if they did not have anybody to speak to or share their thoughts with and this is what usually leads to Depression which is very dangerous to the health.

I will conclude by saying man cannot live in isolation, you cannot do everything by yourself if you want to achieve your ultimate fulfillment, we need to make conscious efforts to have close interpersonal relationships with one another.


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