Health is Wealth

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Yes, health is wealth; how? you may ask.

Do take this brief ride with me and we will explore together the connection between health and wealth.

The contexts of the definitions that we will look at for these terms are as follows: Wealth as associated with money and treasures and health as associated with the state and condition of the body.

Let us start by defining the two terms:

According to the Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus: “wealth is the state of being rich and affluent; having a plentiful supply of material goods and money”.

Also, according to the Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus: health is a healthy state of wellbeing, free from disease.

Considering the above definition of wealth as a state of being rich and affluent; you will agree with me that to attain this state requires a process which is characterized by intelligence and hard work.

Now, let us look closer at the two key characteristics of the process of attaining the state of wealth or affluent: Intelligence and Hard work.

Intelligence is effective use of the brain to comprehend, analyze and profit from our experience. Being able to see the opportunity in every situation that we face and turn it to profits.

Hard work can be defined as “a great deal of effort, endurance and being consistence.

Now let us look deeper at the definition of health as a state of wellbeing, free from disease or illness. This implies that we should be in a state of sound mental and physical health to be healthy. Maintaining this state of wellbeing requires a lot of actions from us such as regular exercises – both for the brain, mind, and body; having adequate sleep; as well as eating healthy food diets and so forth.

The connection between health and wealth

Having explored what are involved in attaining the states of affluent and wellbeing, we can then make the following connections:

For you to be able to comprehend the situations around you, analyze them, identify, and maximize the opportunities to your benefit or profit, your mental health must be sound.

Hard work and consistency require that we maintain physical fitness of our body. That is, no illness, no pains – be it joint pains, back pains, waist pains and so on. When you are not physically fit, you cannot take on the physical activities necessary for actualizing your dreams of being rich.

Now, you may argue, what if one is already wealthy through inheritance from a relative or winning a lottery?

This form of wealth also requires healthy mental and physical state of our body to sustain the wealth and make good use of it. In the absence sound mental health for instance, the wealth can disappear faster than it came.

Truly, without a sound mental and physical health we cannot endure the process of creating and sustaining wealth.

As we find ourselves engrossed in the daily pursuit of wealth, we should remember to take care of our health: health is wealth!

Even in the course of the MBA program, which demands a lot on our mental and physical health, we should remember to take care of our health.

Thanks for taking this journey of making the connection between health and wealth with me. Feel free to add more to it and keep the conversation going.

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