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Writing is certainly a means of communication. It is a form of expressing one’s mind or idea about an issue. In writing express our ideas to ourselves and others while preserving our personal experiences and our memories as no one else can do it for you better. It is as simple as forming visible letters or characters using symbols (letters of the alphabet, punctuation, and spaces) specifically to convey or express thoughts or ideas in a readable form. It is any conventional system of marks or signs that represents the utterances of a language and thus renders language visible.                                                                          

Writing is a medium of human communication that involves the representation of a language through a system of physically inscribed, mechanically transferred, or digitally represented symbols and is seen as a written message that two or more people exchange; a form of verbal communication that can take the form of anything you write or types such as letters, emails, notes, texts, billboards, and even a message written in the sky

Well-known writing conveys our message with 100% clarity as Writing skills include all the knowledge and abilities related to expressing ideas through the written word. It is a specific ability that helps writers put their thoughts into words in a meaningful form and mentally interact with the message. Written communication skill expands the connection between employer and manager, service provider, and customers because the ability to communicate ideas through writing is in high demand for employers in any industry thus, improving your writing helps you to become a better communicator overall and it also improves your reading.

The writing process can take these steps:

  1. Think through to understand the concept and make a decision on what to write
  2. Make thorough Research as may be required with the writing task
  3. Make the first draft of your writing, putting down all ideas as it comes to you while writing.
  4. Revise your first draft and make it better.
  5. Edit and re-edit, proofread, and repeat the process to make the writing correct.

While art is an expression and application of human creative skill and imagination; and a craft is an activity involving skills in making things by hand. The art and craft of writing is a skill acquired by study, practice, and perseverance as a writer develops with the continued application of these skills. It’s not just about words and sentences, it is about knowing how to put these words and sentences together concisely and compellingly and by reading with a critical eye. A writer can learn the elements and techniques that enhance the craft and art of writing, like other forms of craft and art where learning and mastery are attained with the continuous practice where one writes, rewrite, and continuous writing to improve and be better at it.

The art and craft of writing are the skills that shape a writer to the very essence of today’s writing, aimed at producing an article that informs the reader and keeps the intrigues active from start to end. These skills are expressed in vocabulary, sentence formation, voice, and tone, the combination of these skills will surely produce a piece of writing that is simple, clear, concise, complete, and correct; conveying the message as intended while preserving the writer’s style.

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