The Nature of Human Beings: Intellectual Knowing & Willing (Part 1)

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After watching the following videos about Man as a higher animal and his Intelligence and will, these are key details to take note of.

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans – Daniel Amen

Every brain is different irrespective of the similarities of symptoms possessed by the individuals and are treated differently. The treatment for each individual’s brain might need a different course of action.

A society should be judged not by how well they treat their outstanding citizens but by how well it treats its criminals. Instead of just Crime and Punishment, think of Crime, evaluation and treatment. You can change people’s brains and when you do, you change their life and when you have the privileged of changing someone’s brain, you not only change their life you have the opportunity to change generations to come. 

ABC News 24: Memory in Animals

You have to have a memory of what happened in the past to avoid it in the future.

Case Study: The Tax-NutCracker Bird gets 37,000 seeds and buries them in 7,000 different places. And can go back and find them in those places. It works with memory not sense. Takes a picture of the surroundings in its mind and when it comes back, it uses the same image stored in its brain to search for those seeds. Memory!!!

Goldfish: The net used to catch the fish had a hole and the fish went through that hole and found safety. 11 months later when that net was introduced, the fish remembered the hole that was at the net previously and straight up went for the hole in the net not knowing if it was a different net but was able to remember something of some sort happened before.

They have an associative memory. They associate the presence of a person with food because the last time a person came by the tank it was to feed them.

For Social Memory, they copy what others are doing. E.g one fish goes to the front of the tank when a human comes close so the other fish follow suit.

They can remember music and classify the music. So even if it’s Blues but a different song, they recognize its blues same goes with classical and they react based on how they first did when they had just heard the music for the first time.

Goldfish doesn’t have only 3 secs memory.

Treat your Goldfish well because they will remember.

How to Get Your Brain to Focus – Chris Bailey

He allocated a time period for phone usage per day and stuck by it. 3 things began to happen:

Attention span grew. More focus on things than he could before the experiment.

More ideas his mind arrived at.

More ideas, plans, and thoughts about the future

When we work on the computer with our phones nearby, we focus on one thing for just 40secs before we are interrupted/distracted. And when we have applications open as we are working the attention span lowers to 35 secs, the reason we think is OUR BRAINS ARE DISTRACTED. But the truth of the matter is that our brains are OVERSTIMULATED, we crave distraction in the first place. 

To reduce Brain Stimulation, you need to:

Bore yourself: It reduces the level of stimulation by trying out other things outside your phone. Less stimulation, more attention plans.

Scatter focus: It lets our mind come up with ideas and plan because of where our mind wanders to.

We think about the past less than we might think. Only about 12% of the time

We wander to think about the present 28% of the time.

Our minds wander to think about the future more than the past and present combined. 48%

The rest of the 12%, our mind is dull and doesn’t have an idea inside of it rooted in time. Your hobby is done within this time. And your mind is clear and can think and focus on more. Whatever you love doing, do it. Because ideas tend to flood in at this point. Remember, NO PHONES!!!

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