My Adventurous Trip to Dubai City

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My Adventurous Trip to Dubai City

I received one of the best news in my life on the 21st July, 2022, I got my admission into the Lagos Business School (LBS), so I thought to myself how can I celebrate the beginning of this journey to greatness.

On Sunday, 24th July, 2022, after church service as I was lying down on my sofa, I started to reminisce on the countries I have visited and because of my natural love for travelling and seeing new places which enables me to appreciate the beauty of our diversity in the World culturally and our various religion beliefs.

Dubai City! Oh yes! I decided to embark on a journey to Dubai in the United Arab Emirate, I was a bit skeptical because of the differences in our culture and religion in particular, I was afraid that if I did not cover my hair I was going to get arrested.

However, I started with my visa processing which was less cumbersome, my visa came out in no time and yes I bought my ticket immediately bearing in mind that I was going to resume at the LBS in the first week of September, 2022.

This is the first solo trip, my previous trips I had my husband with me so I was so nervous because I did not know anybody there and I learnt some of the citizens do not understand English language which is the official language of communication in Nigeria. Alas, I thought to myself I will figure it out when I get there.

Dubai City! Beautiful! That is just the exact word I would love to use to describe the city, The City is organised, neat, beautiful, good roads, and well structured. I visited the Dubai Mall, one of the biggest mall in the world, very beautiful place to behold and they have all the luxurious brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Christian Dior, Aldo at the mall, I almost got lost in the mall thankfully I retraced my steps with the direction signs and map.

I also visited the Safari Desert in Abu Dhabi, I met different people from Pakistan, Germany, France and various parts of the World. The desert is such a large place, very hot and the good thing is that it was so organized and well planned as we were offered 100% hospitality and treated to a buffet at the Desert.

I also got to see The Dubai Fountain, the fountain dances as the music comes up. I also visited Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the World, it was such an awesome experience. The Dubai Aquarim & Underwater Zoo, where I got to see sharks, different species of fish, crocodile, different types of birds and various other animals. Dubai Miracle Garden is not left out, it has such a beautiful ambience and trust me I did not want to leave, the people were so amazing, very friendly and accommodating. I surely would love to visit the beautiful city again sometimes soon.

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