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It is interesting to know that people’s expectations are high the moment you share that you are running a Master of Business Administration program at Lagos Business School. It is fascinating to realise that the expectation does not come from only the delivery of the task at work. High expectations on conduct at work and your relationship with family, friends, and your social class. It’s like becoming a hero in one night. Then you begin to ponder on how many of these expectations can be met. The concern to meet all expectations is disturbing. It is like being the cynosure of all eyes when you walk into a large gathering, with goals set at the beginning of the course to be an impactful manager who creates solutions for everyone in the team irrespective of their expectations.

Someone will agree with me that it is almost impossible to meet everyone’s expectations. So, I ask, which of those expectations should be considered most important? Most people believe it is about being an exceptional executive at work by meeting all job demands thrown at you and keeping a good work relationship. In line with this belief, it is expected that your positive contribution will, in turn, lead to the growth of both the organisation and self and this gives room for negotiation of better emolument.

After this what next? could this be all? There must be more. Let us self-retrospect by asking, how do we get fulfilment? I guess the common response will range from the ability to meet the demand of family and friends to the desire to become the owner of an empire within the next few years. All these are achievable goals with hard work. Again, after this what next? Now we beginning to roll out additional sets of desires as though it will give a permanent sense of fulfilment. This only points to one thing; all these give only comfort.

How about the people around us? those that are not relative but hope to find the essence of life. This reminds me of the quote, “Look around and see whom you can serve, this will fill you” – Anne Lamott.  “It’s not just about standing out; it’s about making an indelible mark in the hearts of men by impacting their lives.” – Bernard Kelvin Clive. Self-fulfilment is service to others. “The impact you have made becomes a legacy and the life you have spent becomes a story. Life is a shadow chase it with care.” – Adewale Osunsakin.

So, is it possible to share for free what you attained by paying a high premium, to love of humanity and desire to make our community a better place? Taking homeless children off the street of Lagos to give them basic education, can be the start of a new beginning in a child’s life. Creating vocational schools for jobless people will curb the menace in society. I know we believe it takes more than one man to save the nation, how about joining those that have started the race?

It will be a life-fulfilling achievement to be part of those that will replicate the quality of education and morals instilled by Lagos Business School in other parts of the country and Africa at Large. It will be inspiring to see great minds of executives join in this race. Are you willing?

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