Accommodation Challenge

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I was given a week to start classes after receiving my provisional acceptance at LBS. I enjoy physical classes despite the fact that the classes are hybrid.
This led me to begin looking for lodging in Ajah, where LBS is situated.
It was challenging for me to get a house in distant Lagos because I live in Abuja.
The Ajah and Lekki axis is well recognized for being a flood-prone neighborhood, therefore I was seeking for a well-finished tiny flat that was preferably serviced, close to the school, and in a location that was not prone to flooding.
Thus, I started my hunt by using online classified ad websites to look for the ideal homes. Then, after talking with the agents and viewing the home’s photos and videos. I immediately begged my sibling, who also resides in Ajah, to assist me in looking over the house.
This is when I first became aware of how dishonest the house agents were. A N5,000 inspection charge must be paid before you can inspect a home. After receiving this payment, they will inform you that the house you were interested in was just paid for, but that they have others with comparable standards. Ultimately, they will take you to houses outside of your price range; for example, they showed my sister houses with two and three bedrooms but gave her nothing tangible in exchange for the N5000 fee. Another agent continued to follow this pattern up until I started making it obvious to them that I would not be paying the inspection fee if they did not show me the specific house I was looking for.

I had not yet found a place to stay in Lagos when I arrived, and classes started the next day. When I arrived in Lagos, I checked into a hotel close to LBS and contacted the two agents who had been waiting for me that day. The first agent told me that the house he had was paid for, while the second told me that he did not have access to the key to the apartment he had planned to show me.
The following day, after classes, I contacted a different agent, to whom I had still made inspection payments. He took me on inspection, and I at last saw the “PERFECT HOUSE.” He claimed that this mansion had a number of restrictions, including requirements that only single people be employed in corporate positions and that smoking be prohibited in all rooms. I personally had no problems with the restrictions, and I was ready to pay right away so I could get situated and give attention to my academics. He gave me documents to fill out, and they asked for more personal information about me than a visa-issuing embassy would want. I reluctantly submitted all the necessary paperwork and information because the place was ideal for me. Unfortunately, after waiting for the facility management to respond for two days, I learned that I had been turned down since I only planned to occupy the space for 18 months and they preferred a long-term tenant.

After searching for a place to stay for two weeks, I eventually found one in a motel next to LBS.

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