7Ps and Marketing Objectives

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GPZ Philgood Technologies Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in 2019. The object clause as contained in the memorandum is to:

  1. Supply of computer hardware, internet, digital and allied technologies to customers;
  2. Provide after-sales services such as installation, repair, and maintenance;
  3. Provide customized software, application, and program development for users;
  4. Provide information system and technology audit services to clients, and
  5. Provide IT consulting including recruitment and training of technology experts for corporate clients.

Corporate Marketing Goals

The goal of the company is to:

  1. Improve brand reputation;
  2. Increase product range/service offerings;
  3. Maintain existing customers;
  4. Acquire new customers from existing market;
  5. Increase customer experience and advocacy;
  6. Improve efficiency;
  7. Increase revenue; and
  8. Increase profit margin.

Corporate Marketing Objectives

The marketing objectives are specific measurable outcomes geared at attaining the goals within a definite time frame. Our objectives are well thought-out, articulated, clear, concise, specific, measurable, and time-bound.

 Specific objectives 2022 year are as follows:

  1. Attain a 10% share of the target market by Q1; attain increased followership on Instagram (7%), Facebook (10%), and Twitter (9%) by Q2, publish 3 articles monthly;
  2. Add 4 new products/services by Q2 to the existing range. Achieve 75% customer feedback by Q2. Attain 100% resolution of customers’ complaints by Q3.
  3. Achieve 85% digital messaging on special occasions such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and so on;
  4. Achieve 15% market expansion by the end of Q4. Offer 5% discount in Q1 & Q2.
  5. Attain 100% customer satisfaction by Q4. Grant 2% discount on customers for referrals;
  6. Attain a 7% and 10% increase in sales volume by Q2 and Q4 respectively. Attain 10% market penetration by Q2. Achieve 5% new customers from the existing market in Q3. Give a 5% discount for instant payment in Q1 and Q2 to increase to increase and revenue;
  7. Attain a 5% reduction in unit cost by Q4; Attain a reduction in selling, general and administrative expenses by 5% at end of Q4.

The Ps of Marketing and Marking Objectives

Marking mix is key to the success of a brand. An appropriate combination of Product, Promotion, Place, Price, People, Process, and Physical evidence (7Ps) is used to achieve the marketing objective.

As for GPZ Philgood, the product is well-defined and carefully selected to meet the specific need and expectations of the target audience. 

Promotion seeks to create public awareness, project company brands, product quality, efficiency, and usability. This is achieved through word of mouth, leaflets, handbills, radio jingles, TV commercials, and digital media.

The place consists of where the product is visibly displayed for buyers’ attention. Philgood selling places include retail outlets, social media, and websites. Philgood makes the most of digital platforms to showcase products and services to attract customer attention.

Price is the fair consideration customer pay in exchange for the value of the product. Our price is quite competitive and commensurate with the product value. Price is determined based on such criteria as consumer behavior, preference, lifestyle, demography, disposable income, competition; and unit cost.

 People consist of staff and customers. Staff’s ability to demonstrate and persuade a customer to agree to buy the product and customer experience of product offerings and positive feedback.

The next is processed: actual customer service in delivering the product to the customer. The process must be well simplified, and seamless. Finally, physical evidence is a demonstration of attributes that will convince the target audience to buy.

The management of GPZ Philgood is aware of the importance of the 7Ps marketing mix and consciously strives to deploy them in achieving her marketing objectives.

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