Self care (Beauty Essence and Shenanigans) BES

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Self care (Beauty Essence and Shenanigans) BES.

What make you feel beautiful/handsome and confident?  What makes you feel pampered?  What relaxes or soothes you?  Restores you?  What lifts your mood? 

You see! In a world that is filled up with challenges, the above questions is key to keep one sane and moving.

In order to reduce stress levels and help a person become better equipped to handle life’s challenges without resorting to substance abuse as a means of coping, surprisingly, a simple beauty routine can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Beauty routines can lead to an increase in self-esteem, self-love, self-reflection, self-expression, energy, and productivity. 

Sometimes all you need to do is look neat, make sure your boxes are checked, examples are ironing your clothes and not wearing rumpled dresses, cutting your hair when due, properly maintaining or shaving your beards, plating or fixing your hair or even regular hair wash.

Most person’s have this idea that it takes much to be beautiful or handsome. Like not having enough to fund aesthetic make overs but the thing is, you may need to start from where you are now and maintaining yourselves with the little you have before you can now aim at doing the bigger things.

May I also add that the simple things like keeping your nails clean can aid the state of your beauty.

Pro Tip: Beauty routines that rely on touch (makeup, skincare, haircare) can trigger chemicals in the brain, specifically, oxytocin…which, in turn, makes the body relax.

Water! Water, is the cheapest of them all, drink enough to keep you hydrated as your skin needs it for a glow up, infact all the organs in your body need it to function properly and it’s effect definitely would reflect on you skin and hair.

Try and create peaceful relationships, in this, you feel more relaxed, less troubled and have peace of mind which makes you look youthful and beautiful. 

Is it movies that does it for you? You’ve got Netflix and the likes, explore your options and just ensure your sanity is on point.

For some people it’s music that does it for them, for others it’s cooking, sports, travelling, helping others.

Whatever makes you happy is worth doing as long as it soothes you.

When you start addressing your own wants and needs, you become better equipped to help others. 

Let’s talk about some games that puts you in your best of moods, some like to play Playstation, board games like Cheers, Ludo and it’s like, others like traditional plays and as well.

Could it be shopping that makes you feel your best? Then go ahead and do it without thinking twice if you have the available resources to fund it.

Or would you rather take yourself on a treat? Then why not? You can go for food tasting, eating in your favourite fine dining restaurant. 

Just be happy, calm and collected to make the world a better place.

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