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Having previously set sight on a few international options, I had tepid expectations coming into the Modular Executive Master of Business Administration (MEMBA) program of the Lagos Business School (LBS). But my experience over the past three months has proved what many have noted that the program is top quality and of great value. From the array of experienced faculty, to the conducive and serene atmosphere for learning, to the use of modern technology that complements the hybrid modular format of the program, to the availability and access to local and international online resources that promote continuous learning, to the proper coordination of program schedules and timely information dissemination, the program truly compares favorably with other top-notch business schools globally and is in line with international best practices.

The professionalism of the faculty is truly remarkable, commencing and ending classes as at when due and conducting the class using both didactic and Socratic methods that are complemented with several case studies and group activities. Whereas this mixed learning methodology helps to bring out the best in us as students, what gladdens my heart the most is the deliberate and focused attempt by each faculty to get every student fully engaged in the happenings of each class. Hence, it is not uncommon to get called upon impromptu to answer questions or make contributions in the course of the class. The faculty are also readily available and can be easily reached via various channels for clarification on any area of the course content. We are even encouraged to apply concepts taught in class to real life situations at work and experiences are shared, thus, providing a practical and more rounded understanding of the concepts.

But perhaps the best part of my experience so far are the great minds I have recently met in class. Men and women from diverse backgrounds, captains of their trade, leaders in their own right who have made it a point of duty to acquire more knowledge in their pursuit of excellence. Through the many intellectually stimulating arguments in the groups, to the laughs, banters and jibes, life-long bonds are gradually being made and new friendships have begun. Along with this new found camaraderie is the understanding that no one should be left behind. So, colleagues go out of their way to help each other in areas where they need help, spending extra hours conducting tutorials, having group discussions and generally looking out for one another. I have no doubt that these will translate into business partnerships and collaborations. In fact, just this past week my hospital benefitted from the expertise of one of my MEMBA 11 classmates and following that, discussions about a promising business collaboration has commenced. The possibilities are indeed endless and I am excited at the promises the future holds as my colleagues and I continue to thread the paths that this MEMBA program has provided.

So, for me this is value for money and I will not hesitate to recommend the program to others. I fervently believe that all leaders and managers who desire success have to seriously consider and take this program so they can be better equipped for their roles.


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