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Hello world. This is constantly the first thing thought in every computer science course, irrespective of the programming language being used. It is apt because it serves as an introduction to the course. This is my own “hello world”. I have never blogged before. No, I am no social media shy. In fact, I consider myself to be internet savvy. I just never had the cause nor the opportunity to have to write a blog.

Alas, the Lagos Business School had something to say about it. Not only am I writing a blog, I will have to churn out three every week! As I have learnt so far in this program daunting tasks are best solved piecemeal. Therefore, I have decided to shrug of my inhibitions and tackle this challenge. All I need to do is break it down to smaller nibbles.

First, I will prepare a blogging calendar. This will help me to plan out my blogs. It will also give the overall project some form of continuity. I do not know if I will have any readers, but if I do, the least I owe them is structure. I recon a blogging calendar will be something similar to a social media calendar. This I have some experience with; as I said before- I consider myself to be social media savvy.

To make the overall context uniform (and to keep in line with the Lagos Business School requirements), I will use this medium to keep my friends and family as well as my blog’s fans (I wish) up-to-date with my Lagos Business School journey.

Next, I will read up on blogging and look for interesting bloggers to follow. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. If I am going to do this, I might as well make sure that I not only do it well, I develop myself as a writer. I found a list of “best blog posts” online at this address: but so far, it looks like most blogs are more interested in generating followers, marketing, and making money online. I hope I find more inspiring blogs to follow.

I guess that is enough housecleaning for one blog post. Briefly, I will blog about one of the more interesting courses here at the Lagos Business School-  Analysis of Business Problems. The first thing I learnt in this course is the PrOAACT decision making framework. Before this course, I used to make decisions like a Texan gunslinger- shooting from the hip. The PrOACT framework has since changed that. The framework forces the decision make to carefully understand the Problem; and with a focus on the Objective, compare viable Alternatives for Analysis while considering the Consequences and Tradeoffs. The framework covers all the bases and is objective driven. It has certainly changed the way I look at decisions. Personally, I do not believe it applies only to business problems. I apply it to almost all of the important decisions I have to make.

So, here is my first blog post. My very own hello world. I look forward to the journey of becoming a blog writer! I also look forward to this Lagos Business School journey. I look forward to your feedback as it will help me improve. In the words of programmers: cout<<“Till next time!”;.

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