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Human beings are said to be social animals striving every day to satisfy certain desires in life. Fulfilment is the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted. Fulfilment is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. There are several good things that are worth having or doing, and it all depends on each person’s preferences, opportunities and circumstances. There are two major types of fulfilment (Goods); Extrinsic goods and Intrinsic goods (Fulfilment).

Extrinsic goods are fulfilments that man draws from the outside world. Examples are; money, power, status, security, ease, liberty (freedom), etc. Intrinsic goods are fulfilments that dwell on the well-being of a person. Intrinsic goods cannot just be picked up somewhere or bought ready-made. You must pay your dues and have to “invest” time and effort in them. Examples are; knowledge, life, play, religion, relationships, aesthetic experience, harmony with other people, intelligent control of one’s life, etc.

Distinctions between extrinsic and intrinsic goods are; Extrinsic goods are always in competition with others, while intrinsic goods are not in competition with other people. Extrinsic goods solve problems but do not give happiness or fulfilment, while intrinsic goods are aspects of our fulfilment. Extrinsic goods are tangible (you can see and buy them), while intrinsic goods are intangible.

There is no formula for happiness. However, one should go for intrinsic goods because extrinsic goods are only a means to get intrinsic goods. Extrinsic goods are important, but they only make sense as means to get intrinsic goods. For example; we use money(extrinsic) to acquire good education(intrinsic). One should also not limit his attainment for fulfilment to only his individual interest. Man is a social animal and as such can only survive, develop and achieve ultimate fulfilment by living in society and cooperating with other human beings.

No man is an island, and one cannot possibly be a good manager by always thinking only of one’s own interests, of things like pay, bonus, promotion, reputation and so on. One becomes a good manager by acquiring the right leadership skills and really becomes an expert in leading groups of human beings to work together in ways that really create value for people. Fulfilment (real value) is only created if people are really better off as a result of one’s actions. In making key decisions in one’s career, find your mission and forget about the job title. Most people do not like their jobs which leads to job dissatisfaction and reduces productivity. You need to make sure you have a clear understanding of what the job you like is.

We are terrible at choosing our jobs. It is very important not to only think of extrinsic values like; salary, position, status, benefits, comfort, etc. at the expense of what actually makes you happy (intrinsic values). Do not quit your job until you have something else to do.  The highest impact for choosing a job should be purpose. Your dream job does not exist, find your mission and you get to find your dream job.

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