Lapses in Effective Communication.

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I here people say communication is key but barely practice it. Some believe it’s all about speaking and writing and that it doesn’t need to be stretched a bit further to connect. 

Let’s discuss some of the lapses that occur.

I was in conversation with a friend and he was telling me how he contributed a certain amount to an organisation and I wasn’t really moved to be excited because his eyes told me something else and while we were in the conversation, he kept avoiding my eyes which he doesn’t do prior to the conversation we had. I immediately knew he was lying.

Now! This is not about the lies but the fact our connection wasn’t really swift.

They’re other scenarios that will further explain the essence of communication and I won’t hesitate to give you an update.

On a very good day, some people will understand the important of communication and probably lay more emphasis on it among those around them.

Once it’s sunset, workers in Lagos will start to shut down for the day, Lagos traffic which has refused to go out of date and won’t stop straining people will be in it’s peak, people will be trying to get home or head to their various destination and there is a Segun, Chidimma, Usman and Helen who will like to stop by at a location while their loved ones are expecting them to retire home a particular time.

The stopping by isn’t what is worrisome here but negligence of not communicating properly but instead: 

Segun (sends a text on WhatsApp to his friend he lives with): “I’m at a joint, will come home shortly” the question that comes to my mind in are ‘what’s the name of the joint?’, ‘Who are you with? What time will be leaving there for home. No one knows!

Chidimma (Calls homeūüďě): Help me pack my clothes if it rains by 10pm. Meanwhile, her curfew time is 7pm and won’t share the reason why she will be late as regards her curfew time. This is not to make anyone uncomfortable doing what they do but to actually made them understand that half baked informations isn’t enough for ones safety.

Usman (breezes in at home and immediately steps out): “I dey come, (I’m coming). Coming to where actually?, lol. This is very common in many homes, things should really be adjusted for everyone’s best interest.

Helen (The one who doesn’t even think saying a word is necessary, she will step into her family house at anytime): *not a word*, *silence*.

Funny how these lapses are quite ignored. Whereas, it’s a key thing to be considered in our everyday life.

“After work, I will be headed for dinner with Tare at Cactus, see you later in the evening”, this is a better way to communicate especially in an era where security is drifting.

So do you see yourself in this article? I’m really interested to know, who are you here, my friend, Segun, Chidimma, Usman, Helen?



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