Juggling family, Working with an MBA

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Working in Lagos, supporting your spouse, raising two young children and completing an MBA, all at the same time, requires some serious time management – but it is enriching. Balancing family life and work alongside my MBA life did not detract from my MBA experience thus far; it has made it more prosperous. It forced me to choose what I wanted to do and what I did not and made me much more efficient with my time.

I had long desired to complete my MBA program, but finding an institution with generous tuition and a flexible study plan was a great challenge. At long last, I got an institution that gave me the complete package regarding my desirability: Lagos Business School (LBS).

The Modular Executive MBA (MEMBA) programme of Lagos Business School’s blended online and on-campus structure allows participants to come to the LBS campus for a one-week intensive class every two months made my desire to get an MBA program achievable.

I got my admission a day before the main lectures started, so I missed out on Pre-Module lectures, assignments, and many more. I had worried that I could not cope with taking care of my family, working and studying simultaneously, but things went otherwise. With the support of my group members and class members, particularly the Governor, things weren’t as bad as I had imagined it to be.

As a student, I was expected to be efficient with whatever time I had; hence, I was able to hang my attention on the MBA program, work and family in equilibrium. I learned to multitask without depriving myself of the joy of learning, working and providing my family with the necessary support.

I survived the initial stage of the MBA, which was indeed difficult by riding off some of the irrelevant activities in my schedule and that made my MBA program virtually stress-free. I had to choose between what was necessary and what wasn’t at all.

The MEMBA program has encouraged my family to consider how we spend our time in much greater detail. Yes, there are a lot of personal sacrifices made in pursuit of this degree but together, my family committed to the apparent purpose of opening doors of opportunity in my career while meeting like-minded, curious professionals who seek the same thing, too.

Knowing what is essential and what is not in my tight schedule helped me balance my MBA program and my family. It helped me sail through and materialize my MBA dream. The Family matter did not distract me as I had earlier anticipated, instead made it more interesting. I felt great achieving two things in the end: successfully running my MBA program and being with my family throughout the first few weeks of the MBA program.

My motivation was based on the fact that one must do what he needs to do to earn the right to do what he wants. 

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