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More than knowing how people are likely to respond in certain circumstances, we need to understand human beings thoroughly and their value in order to manage them. The fact that man has the capacity for free will is another indication of his spiritual essence. At its most extreme, this capacity of resolve enables people to set goals for their entire lives, devote themselves to a cause, etc.
Human intelligence is capable of comprehending non-material realities (such as God, truth, and justice), non-existent creatures (such as fairies), and negative concepts (such as nothingness), but no material reality—not even the brain—can be said to be universally non-material, non-existent, or negative. The point of this is that no subject would be able to produce, this leads us to the requirement for posting a spiritual reality in man if we are to be able to account for man’s capacity for abstract reasoning. and relate to creatures with such attributes if it were itself entirely material.
The fact that man cannot have actual knowledge in an universe that is only made of material things is perhaps the most obvious indication that he has a spiritual nature that transcends a world that is only made of material things

Although the real universe is much more complex than the simplified model we have just considered, if only material factors were to be considered, it would also be a universe that was rigidly determined, making it theoretically possible to predict where every particle would be at any given time (of course in practice it would still be impossible to do this because in the real universe there are so many elements and so many factors many still not fully understood we have to be taken into account). However, the key point is that in a world made entirely of matter, every particle’s position at every point in the future is rigorously predetermined.
All of this eventually proves that every human being, every individual, has been chosen.

God has given man a spiritual nature that is endowed with freedom and intellect, elevating him above all other animals. He also has an eternal destiny.
As a manager, you should practice self-leadership, leading others, positively influencing people, and communicating.
As a manager, you should be aware that everyone has a sense of worth and desires respect for that worth at work. Therefore, in contrast to employing standard human resource management methods and tools, organizations acting in the knowledge of their full dedication, self-control, and loyalty cannot approach people as individuals who have been denied their basic human rights.

However, it necessitates a change in both superiors’ and subordinates’ perspectives on human resource management. Although it is not an easy process, an appropriate organizational culture based on dignity values, engagement, mutual trust, and loyalty as well as clear rules for rewarding and punishing employees makes it easier to implement and use dignity management in the organization, sets expectations, and on the other hand enables the organization to meet those expectations.

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