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I wonder how people do life without friends. The beauty of life can be viewed from the stand point of beautiful friendships. The reason we as humans struggle everyday is so that we better persons not just for ourselves but for people around us. We make that money, buy the beautiful ride, travel to amazing places so we have memories we can shares with friends. If there are no friends to share beautiful moments with; why then do we go through the hustles and bustles of life everyday taking so much risk to be better versions of ourselves?

As a person, I have come across people who do not see the need of friends and have tried to convince me that, as persons (humans) friends are not necessary and then I can not help but wonder what kind of persons have they come across.

Life is beauty with friends. When you want to have that picnic, throw that baby shower, have that dedication, throw a house warming party, considering a bridal shower, etc. Who does it better than friends?

Friendship makes everything beautiful. Someone to talk with, someone to share with, someone to laugh with, and so comes in a package known as friendship. Friendship makes life sweeter and burdens/pains easier to bear. Even the bible acknowledges that, there are friends that stick closer than a brother. What more can I ask of than a good friend. Find you a good friend.


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