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I may not have the awe-inspiring reasons others may have for taking this MBA program. To be honest, I owe my being here, in business school to my father. It had always been his desire that I bag an MBA for many splendid reasons (his reasons). And, ever since the inception of this idea, Lagos Business School (LBS) had always been on his list of schools suitable for my pursuance. However, LBS stood out as the only African institution on the array for most of the reasons Nigerians would rather have their children study abroad. But, he was privy to the knowledge of the standards that LBS offers, and concluded that its standards were beyond satisfactory.


Although, I had always had a fascination for the business world, its structure, and intricacies (which I did not fully understand). It was not until much later, that I also bought into his idea. I developed the desire to grasp the workings of the business world. I began to crave that someday I would be able to relate with what the engine that drives a successful business should look like as well as, that of an unsuccessful business is. My curiosity stemmed partly from the failures and successes I had encountered in my attempt to run a number of small businesses (for profit) during and after my first degree. I was well aware that the successes I had enjoyed were God’s favour and my failures, just consequences of playing the lucky game (retrospectively speaking).


I remember all too clearly, watching my very first episode ever of “The Dragon’s Den.” It certainly did more than spark my interest. I was fascinated by the way the contestants mounted the stage, right in front of intimidating panelists. They made every effort to persuade them using facts and figures, dished out with the most alluring confidence. I was awestruck and I still recall thinking, “These people know what they are talking about at least, they look like they do. Do I?” This made me realize that what I initially did not know that I did not know. Moreso, it gave me an idea of how much I needed to know if I ever wanted to be confident enough to pitch any of my ideas to potential investors.


Almost simultaneously, I realized that if I had been sitting in the place of any of the panelists; I would have bought into all the business ideas that had been pitched on that episode. They were all phenomenal and perfect fro my novice perspective. How were the “Dragons” able to see through to the cracks? Immediately, it became vivid to me that I needed an improved pair of business lenses. The same reason I could not decipher on my own why not all pitches were flawless, was the same reason any business I would start up may never be “fortune 500.” Now I had more than enough reason to go seek the knowledge I lacked.

In summary, the business world is a fast-paced one. You snooze, you lose especially, now more than any other time in history. The pandemic that struck the world has incited substantial changes. We are currently in a restorative period where business models are being revised. Being in LBS at this time, places me at a vantage where I will be able to contribute to this new business world order, in no time. This is uniquely the best time, to be in business school.

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