Where is our Security?

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The issue of insecurity in Nigeria has become a hydra-headed monster and something of grave concern to all well-meaning citizens of the country. The level at which the Nigerian security agents appear incapacitated in handling the daily worrisome trend, the boldness with which some of these acts are perpetrated, and the extent of losses experienced from the insecurity is seriously alarming. One cannot but wonder how the country has arrived at such a dastardly situation where no one is safe; and worse still, rather than abate, the problem is escalating and now looks totally out of control.

The issue of insecurity did not start now. However, the level it has taken now is completely unprecedented. Boko haram has become more organized and dangerous in unleashing terror on Nigeria, particularly on the Christians, Muslims, and government establishments. Armed herdsmen have prevented farmers from having access to and cultivating their farmlands. In some places, farmers are asked to pay millions of monies before they are allowed to go and farm. Kidnapping has become a very lucrative business. People are kidnapped daily on their way, at their homes, offices, churches, and mosques with huge ransom payments made before they are released. Even after the payment of ransoms, some are still raped and killed.

There are so many cases of insecurity in Nigeria. The recent Kuje prison attack where so many inmates were freed and more than 60 inmates with Boko Haram/terrorism cases escaped from on 5th July 2022 is a big shame to the country. The Abuja – Kaduna train attack and subsequent kidnapping is another example. The mass shooting and bomb attack at a Catholic church in the city of Owo in Ondo State where at least 40 people were killed is one too many. Government and security official has shown their incapability and the fact they have run out of solutions. Almost on daily basis, we hear news of the loss of life and the destruction of properties due to insecurity.

One of the fundamental human rights of the people in any given state is the right to security and therefore it is always provided for in the constitution of most sovereign states. Nigeria is not an exception, thus Section 14 (2) (b) of the Nigerian 1999 constitution states clearly that “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of the government”. The Nigerian government does not seem to be meeting this requirement.

The IDPs we have in the country have increased tremendously, especially within the last 9 years. Several thousands of people have been killed while a large section of the people was displaced and now live in Internally Displaced Person camps spread across the whole northern states. People have been chased away from their ancestral homes and farmlands. Schools are no safer for educating our young ones. Too many kidnappings have taken place in several schools that made some governors even shut down schools due to insecurity. It is very worrisome.

Right now, Nigeria is among the world’s most terrorized countries. The rate at which evil is growing and the ruthless manner in which the lives of innocent people are being wasted are worrying. We cannot continue like this. Government should rise and reverse this trend. No state can stand without the security of its citizens.

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