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Time is Money. And time management is  life management. The surest way to be late is to have a lot of time at your disposal.

In life, one tenth of a a second could be the difference between success and failure.

have a mental picture of this

                           The Productiveness of time management

P: Preparation – have a plan for the day and ensure this plan is made out the day before. Always write down the plan as it is easier to be achieved when written. Also, write down your plan to schedule your priorities and not preferences. Ensure adjustments are made for interruption ( add more time for tasks than required )

R:Reduction – Reduce the activities that you are involved in as this makes  room for other activities.

There is a 4D solution to time management

  • Dump it
  • Delegate it
  • Defer it
  • Do it

O: Order- the ability to find something within 30 seconds or less

D: Discipline- Ensure that you perform only what you scheduled. Remember not to have dessert before dinner.

It Is important for everyone to have the matrix in the table below as it helps you stay better organized

Here, you place activities you would like to leave/ stop in the fulfillment of your goalsSome activities that cant be avoided. You have to delegate to other people to help you performIn here, activities that can be performed at a later time are placed. So time is not wasted on them  

Psychology of Time

Time perception refers to the subjective experience of the passage of time, or the perceived duration of events, which can differ significantly between different individuals and/or in different circumstances. Although physical time appears to be more or less objective, psychological time is subjective and potentially malleable.

Most organisms have an internal sense of time generated by endogenous biological clocks. completely independent of ambient temperatures, sunlight, etc. The best known of these is the circadian clock, which maintains daily biological rhythms and regulates sleep, hormone production, etc, but there are also other peripheral biological clocks, some of which follow ultradian or infradian rhythms. A whole field of chronobiology has grown up to exploit our increasing knowledge of these biological rhythms.

Temporal illusions are distortions and misperceptions of time that arise from a variety of psychological and other causes. The most commonly encountered examples are the effects of ageing and psychoactive drugs on time perception, but there are several other interesting effects, such as the kappa effect, the stopped clock illusion, the oddball effect, etc.

Chronophobiais the fear of time or the passing of time, a specific and well-documented psychological phobia which principally affects the elderly and those incarcerated in prisons.

                                                      Some things to note

  1. Self affirmation : this starts from within. If you believe you are organized, efficient and capable, then you are as with time, belief becomes reality.
  2. Act the part: act like you are organized, do not be afraid of failure and missed deadlines. Stay calm
  3. Start your day on a productive note; start with laying your bed this gives the drive of an early achievement.
  4. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed. Allow time for disruption and do not chew more than you can swallow at a given time.
  5. Celebrate small wins; when you achieve a fear, no matter how small, reward yourself.
  6. Create balance; rejuvenate with friends and family.

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