One of my mentors used to say and I quote, “The moment you stop learning, you stop growing”. This simply implies that;...

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One of my mentors used to say and I quote, “The moment you stop learning, you stop growing”. This simply implies that; learning is the key element of growth. The question then is are you teachable?

I witnessed a crisis between a supervisor and her subordinate a little while ago. The supervisor complained bitterly about the lady being stubborn and not submissive. The subordinate also argued that the supervisor was being difficult to please.

This kept on for a few months until we analysed the situation and realised that they both were not teachable.

The reason most people are having issues with their jobs, and struggle with keeping great relationships is that they are not teachable.

Furthermore, the reason they cannot recommend some people despite being very productive for promotion or any form of incentive is not far from not being teachable.


Being teachable is the ability and willingness to learn. Being open to new knowledge.

Teachability is a skill as much as it is a personality trait. It takes a little bit of work and some self-reflection to be able to improve teachability but it is possible.

Furthermore, teachability is not so much about mental capacity. It is about attitude.

You must desire to listen, learn, and apply. It is the hunger to discover and grow.


When you notice any or combination of these traits, you might be unteachable, and you need to check it.

  • When you are always impatient. Don’t like to wait or listen to reasons. Cutting other people off while they are still speaking.
  • Insecurity. When you do not like being challenged.
  • When you don’t see things from other people’s perspectives. You are always right.
  • When you are constantly arguing.


Someone who is teachable value other people’s opinions and learn from them. In fact, as a teachable person, you will continually use others’ opinions to improve yourself.

These are some of the characteristics to look out for

  • A consistent and continuous seeker of knowledge: A teachable person is not afraid to ask for help when needed. Moreover, It is not a weakness to seek guidance when in doubt.
  • Willing to receive feedback and corrections.


1. Listen and Observe

Learning from others is the most effective way of being teachable. When someone is doing a task differently than you, watch, ask and learn.

2. Research and Education

It always helps to be open to learning new things. New things are evolving daily. So, it is okay to research a new method of approaching a particular task or process.

3. Practice and Repeat

Try to do things the way that your mentors or coworkers have shared. Try to

listen to others, especially when they are telling you something you don’t know.

Try to practice doing tasks you struggle with on your own  

Stop pushing people away with the “I too know” attitude.

In conclusion, a teachable person is a good listener. In other words, they give more attention to listening and little attention to talking.

Being teachable opens new opportunities and you are on the other hand investing in yourself.

Therefore, let us note that the “knowing it all” attitude is not a compliment but a pointer that something needs to be checked.

Thank you for reading

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