The Spy

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Modele oozed multiplicity. At one breathe he exuded a face of thunder. At another breathe he was avuncular and caring, at yet another breathe, he could also claim to be a Prophet in the mold of both Elijah and Elisha. Modele was born for this profession. And in this life, a man has got to do what a man has got to do. If asked, Modele would not put a finger on what inspired him to pursue this career part. However, what Modele could vouchsafe is his uncanny talent for theatre.

Still, this is not theatre as we know it. Even though there are uncanny similarities between the two careers. This was a high-stake profession in which the line between staying alive and getting killed wasn’t just thin, it was blurred. For Modele was a spy for the Republic of Casablanca. This era was the most dangerous time to ply this trade as economic, military, and political rivalry between Casablanca and Republic of Abadini had reached its melting point. Espionage was walking on all fours. Large scale theft of sensitive innovative technology had become the new normal. Assassination of spies had been elevated to diplomatic strategy. Among other precarious and nefarious paradigms.

This, therefore, for all intents and purposes, was not the best of times to be a spy. But he Modele, was born for this era, and he was prepared for this era. What with an ability to communicate in 7 languages as though they were his mother tongue, Modele could effectively communicate with 78% of the world population. And then there was his boyish good looks that deflected his true intentions. Also, he was an adept marshal artist having garnered a black belt 15 odd years ago. His Education was at the prestigious Marta High School. Modele’s manners were also impeccable.
Modele actually had the world at his feet growing up. He, infact, could have been anything. As he graduated top of his class at every level of learning. But he chose to be this- a spy as it brought out all his talents.

So, here he was, in enemy territory in the republic of Abadini, playing the role of a security guard at the Abadini civil aviation authority. Of course, he could speak the Abadini Language fluently and he had also mastered their culture. Alas, his superiors back home in Casablanca were shocked to their wits end as to how he got himself into that vintage position. From this vintage position, Modele was passing tons of classified intelligence on the movement of diplomats, government officials, military officers and businessmen to his home government, who were in turn using this classified intelligence to further their national interest.

A case in point was when the Chief of Army staff was to go to China to close a major arms deal. Modele got wind of this during the preparatory stages as junior officers flew to China to make arrangements for their Boss’ imminent coming. And while at the airport, they spoke so carelessly about the trip. Modele got wind of this and transmitted the information to his superiors who scuppered the arms deal with China.

To Be Continued.


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