To Pierce or Not

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From the first time I thought about getting my nose pierced I started to read all I needed to know about the procedure : the risks, types, aftercare   and all other tiny details including the cost.
I mentally prepared myself weekly for it but I never brought myself to actually go for it.
The information available on the internet was a mix of fear and courage as some people were just sharing based on their personal experiences and then the professional advice were not helpful.
I decided to try my own experience

The thought process
I naturally have 2 piercings on my ears from birth and I had added an extra one on my cartilage  while in the  university. My mum did not notice this extra piercing until about 5 months after as I was always covering my ears with a scarf and her reaction was not as terrible as I expected.
I knew the cartilage piercing was a forgivable one but wasn’t sure of her reaction to the nose one I was about to get.
My friends however were going for theirs and that was the much-needed extra push

The day
We arrived at the beauty salon and waited our turn.
The specialist kept assuring me as she kept repeating “don’t worry I will use a pin so it won’t hurt at all and you will take a pill to keep the pain away.
My turn came and I sat on her chair. I swallowed the pill and closed my eyes with my hands fisted.
She put the needle through, and I honestly did not feel anything. She used a tiny ring and we left.

The aftermath and care

I got home and could barely sleep. I was so excited as I had been waiting for this and I took about 780 pictures. I had armed myself with aftercare products even before the procedure, so I just applied the scrubs and ointments.

Next, how to hide from my mum and eventually get an answer ready for when she notices.

I was so excited with my piercing and took at least 78 pictures daily and the compliments were never ending. I was so proud of this.

Parents reaction

My mum finally saw my nose one day while I was helping in the kitchen. My ring was actually a tiny silver one which was not shiny as this was the plan but I am sure she must have looked long and hard at me to notice.

She screamed initially and asked why I had to get my nose pierced. I had to explain that it was for  a role I played in my drama group and I needed to fall into character; a weak lie I know but surprisingly, she did not talk too much after that but advised that I take appropriate care of it so it doesn’t turn infectious.

She probably decided to let me be as I was officially an ADULT.

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