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In this text, the focus shall be on the factors affecting Nigerian Youths and the ultimate Plan B-japa (leaving the country for greener pastures).

Over time, majority of Nigerian youths engage in political apathy, both directly and indirectly. The eagerness and zeal to get PVCs (Permanent Voters’ Cards) and get to polling units have died down. They believe that their votes do not count, forgetting that the government is by the people and for the people, and denial is not failure.  Noting that a good number of the nation’s population is occupied by youths eligible to vote, a vast number of the percentage claim no interest in electoral activities. People should be sensitized even more and be taught that it is part of their fundamental rights as humans and obligation to the nation as citizens.

It is not new news that over 600,000 students graduate from various universities in the country, yet there are no available employments for most of the graduates. This development causes youths to seek other means to source income and earn a living. Under this current administration, Nigerians have seen a lot of things go way over what they formerly were. The cost of living has become very high, from foodstuff, to transportation, to healthcare and even accommodation in some areas. A basic salary earner with the government approved minimum wage can barely feed. Not to talk of a fresh university graduate that is starting life in a new dimension.

Hundreds of Nigerians are always at the international airport every day, ask them why, they will say “omo I’m leaving Nigeria, I have suffered enough”.

Nigerian youths have resorted to japa as the only option for a better life. This is because, asides the hike in prices of everything, insecurity is a major concern in the country. From banditry which has spanned throughout the country, to the Boko Haram terrorists and now the unknown gunmen. It is believed that nowhere is safe…take for instance, the unprovoked shooting that took place in St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo state on the 5th of June 2022. Where dozens were killed, and many were left with critical injuries sustained from the gunshots. The survivors must have been too traumatized, and I wonder how or when they will heal from the unfortunate experience. Many people became orphans, widows, widowers…and so on just from that occurrence. Even at that, the Federal Government has not made any tangible comment regarding it. This and many more, are part of the many reasons why Nigerian youths believe that the only solution to better living is life outside Nigeria. Even though they tend to forget that life is also not very easy outside Nigeria.

Many of the Nigerian youths who have left home to feed home in other countries tend to find it hard to cater for themselves. This is because of high-end expectations of leaving the country. A lot of people think life gets easy as soon as they leave our so-called country Nigeria for the overseas, not knowing that life gets more tough. From trying to settle to getting a legitimate job, to paying bills etc. not forgetting the relatives left behind in assurance of getting help from those who left or rather, escaped what was thought to be hell. To live in Nigeria is tough but I believe going abroad is tougher and one must be above average to be able to afford leaving the country. Now this leads us to the poverty population of the country.

Nigeria is one of the poorest populated countries in the world, this means that more than 70% of the populace cannot provide basic amenities for themselves, cannot eat three or two square meal not to mention balanced diet, no good education etc. now. How many people can leave the country in this situation? It is sad.

What is the way out?


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