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We have been told that our exams will be coming up on two weekends next month. We will be having 2 exams on 2 different days; July 9th and July 16th. The news of the exam is bitter-sweet. Bitter in the sense that I am not prepared at all for it and sweet in the sense that I can at least rest a bit and my life can return to what it used to be before I entered the MMBA program. I am glad I did not consider properly the time constraints the MMBA program will impose on me if not I would not have opted to do the program. The fact that we are in June gives me some hope since it means by the end of the month I would have completed one-fourth of the program duration.

The past six months have not been what I imagined when I was planning my year in January. The MMBA workload was totally unexpected. However, I thank God I have survived all the stress from work, school and life in general. The Lord is my strength! It is the man who stays on till the end that can win a prize.

I have examined the four courses we are doing this semester and I cannot beat my chest and say I am completely ready for an exam on any of them. I have a lot of studying to do. Although I attend classes regularly, learning in class is not really my style. I learn faster and better when I study on my own but I have not had enough time for personal study. I have to find time from now till July 8h to study hard on my own so I can be confident to take the my first exams on July 9th.

The four courses are I am taking this semester are Analysis of Business Problems aka ABP, Corporate Financial Accounting aka CFA, Data Analytics and Probability, and Management Communications.

ABP is basically about studying cases and coming up with solutions to the problem being faced by the protagonist in the case by using a framework. This course is strange because it does not require me to study hard or cram any notes. All I have to do is understand whatever case is thrown at us in the exam and be able to use the framework to analyze. What worries me about the course is that from all the cases we have been given to analyze, there is hardly anyone that I can say I was able to completely analyze correctly. In most cases, what I thought was the key issue was not the key issue. What worries me the most is that for the analysis to be correct or useful, the objective of the case must be correct and in some cases the objective is usually not obvious. In addition, it takes a lot of time to really understand a case because most times it has to be read several times but we have been told we would have only 3 hours to do this in the exam.


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