‘Everybody go chop breakfast’

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‘Everybody go chop breakfast’ is one of the latest phrases in town. It is often use to describe disappointment in relationship, especially, a romantic relationship. The phrase is also used to comfort someone who is disappointed; assuring the person that he or she is not alone. Practically everyone will eventually have their taste of disappointment in relationship. One may ask, ‘does love disappoint?’

For one thing, we all as humans generally face disappointment at one point in life; hence the phrase is in order. However, why do people have disappointment in relationships? What can we do to make our relationships work? Lets talk.

Love is beautiful

Love is a beautiful thing, especially romantic love. It is often like a butterfly bubbling in your tommy. The mention of the person’s name alone fill your heart with joy, you like talking about that one person to anyone who cares to listen. You stay for a long time on phone with the person, discussing almost everything and anything. In fact, everything just seems right.

As a result of the love you have for the person, you don’t want to hurt him or her, you want to do more of what that person likes. You practically want to be the best half of the person.

Remember ‘love is kind’

For the relationship to reach its potential, the feeling must be mutual. That is, the other person reciprocates, showing you by word and action that he or she love you too.

Unfortunately, not all romantic relationships have mutual feelings. One person may be in love than the other. Sometimes, the one who is not having much of the feeling may just be tagging along. But one may ask ‘why tag along, when you don’t have interest’? Well, several reasons are responsible for this. Such as financial benefits, peer pressure, insincerity and a host of others.

A person may decide to remain in a relationship just to gain social recognition. Maybe, the other person is popular and in a position of authority of some sort; you figure out that people will grant you access to things you ordinarily do not deserve as a result of your relationship, hence, you keep tagging along.

Trying to tag along in a relationship is selfish and often brings no happy ending.

If you are in a relationship, be kind to mean what you say and be true to yourself and your partner. Do not say ‘I love you’ when you know deep down in your mind that its all lies.

Pay attention to red flags

Most times, there are red flags for every cracking relationship but they are often ignored. It is therefore, in your best interest to pay attention to these warning signs if you don’t want to be served hot ‘breakfast’. Therefore, once you observe your partner is not involved, if there are always excuses; dont force it, stop it.

Remember that love is not blind, it is not gullible. More importantly, a leopard does not change its spot, that is, it is only a matter of time; the real person you are in love with will be revealed.

So give yourself time, love with your heart while you make use of your head. Where the feeling is not mutual, dont force it. If there are warning signals, don’t deceive yourself that they will go away.

Have you have been disappointed before? you are not alone. Move on with your life remember ‘na everybody go chop breakfast’.


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