Time Management

Vincent Dosumu Written by Vincent Dosumu · 1 min read >

Do you know that if you use your time wisely you can become anything you want to be?

Time is one of the most valuable resources that we all have and if you must move over the regular experience, you must use your time wisely. You can complain about a lot of things but you can’t say you do not have time because it’s one resource that everyone gets equally. You can literally turn time into anything, it is the most convertible resource.

Between now and 10yrs, how you spend your time will influence what you would become in 10 years.
Time is given to you to learn and later to invest.

Practice makes improvement not perfect. To become an expert in anything, you must invest time.

How can I effectively use my time you may ask? I’ll be listing out what I call the 5Ds of time management.

  1. Do it now! You have no business procrastinating. Procrastination is a major way to delay your progress. You must decide to be effective and do what needs to be done, now.
  2. Delete it. There are some activities that you must remove from your life because they are time waters and add no value. These activities consume time that could have been used for other value-adding activities.
  3. Delegate it. Because we have a limited amount of time (24 hours), you must be purposeful about what you spend your time on. There are some activities that should be delegated to create more time for those that cannot be delegated. Spending time with your partner or your children are examples of activities that should not be delegated.
  4. Defer it. Activities that are not expedient can be deferred to a later date. It is okay to push it and give yourself a breather so it won’t slow you down.
  5. Double up on it. You must learn to multitask to be able to achieve more within the time available.

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