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Marilyn was the quintessence of beauty. Tall. Light skinned. With a trim lower jaw and facial contours perfectly crafted by Aphrodite, the Greek god of beauty herself. Her eponymous name sake and consort of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th U.S. president would have been proud of such angelic looks. Marilyn had charm and charisma and razor-sharp intellect which she always used to great effect as a survival tool. For Marilyn signposted a tender steeliness that represented a devastating oxymoron.

Under her tender and pretty face lay a heart of stone, a mind of steel that was willing to do anything for her survival and the survival of members of her immediate family. For Marilyn, every Love interest was an opportunity to maximize material gain. And any guy not willing to part with cash was never deemed lovable. At 23, Marilyn basically applied bottom power to achieve most of what she achieved in this Life.
As would be expected, Marilyn’s infamy had spread to far flung areas of her neighborhood. But this never mattered to Marilyn as her mantra was “live and let live”. Soon, married women found their way to Marilyn’s mother’s door stop, the house where Marilyn lived, questioning about her purported dalliances with their husbands.

On this fateful day, Marilyn had a hook up to execute with a client in a hotel. She had heard that this guy just got back from Spain, as such, she took her time to buy new clothes, shoes and a bag. Upon completing the task of pleasuring the Man from Spain. He paid for her services. Marilyn was thoroughly disappointed by the Oyibo’s poor pay and she expressed her displeasure constructively.
Marilyn’s displeasure prompted the guest to up his service charge. Her audacity caused the guest to take special note of her. Marilyn’s story of how she had to start working as a call girl brought her guest to tears. There and then, he swore to support her to become somebody. Soon enough, the Guest from abroad started to see the good in Marilyn making him to reach the conclusion that Marilyn had a good heart and that she was captured in this unpalatable trade simply by a desire to survive.
Marilyn also used this opportunity of Kunle, her guest’s to Polish her diction, buy new clothes, and reapply to the National Open University to study Accountancy.

The friendship between Marilyn and her guest, Kunle blossomed into love. The time had come for Kunle to see Marilyn’s parents. Marilyn’s parents were not clear on the character of this guy, and they were not enamored by his age, 51 years. As such, she had to explain to her parents that most of her upkeep and indeed the upkeep of her family stopped at his table. Her father came around, having seen the perfect guy that would take care of his daughter. Marilyn ultimately wedded Kunle, and their love story still continues to this day.
Truly love conquers all and a firm determination by parties involved is the critical success factor in the consummation of a union.


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