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There comes a time in your life when you have to go with the new!

The new here means accepting fate and destiny while determining to outgrow situations, environments , people, and even friends.

A lot of us want to hold on to the past.
But the new is calling to you.
When things are not working anymore,
When people break your heart,
When you stop finding satisfaction on a job, When a friend becomes non-challant.

Then you know;

A lot of us find it hard to do away with familiarity because we have gotten so comfortable with routines. However change is what grows us,
helps us in becoming diverse.

We must all learn to accept the new ,
We must all learn to break the mold of fear and reach for the unknown that has the capacity to push us to newer and greater levels.


I know the feeling of loosing a relationship so dear, or a community you grew up with or a job that has given you so much.

However if you hold on to the past and refuse to move, you will become irrelevant.
Pain,fear, disapointment and tears are always a sign that your new is on the horizon.

We are creatures of Habit
But do not let old habits cripple your growth or evolution .

Accept the new!
Let go of your fears.
Find your own
Grow !
Evolve !
Take the turn!



Written by oluwakemi arewa
Oluwakemi is a seasoned brand communicator, strategist, and consultant whose major goal is to take branded products to their next level by using her timeless valued skills, network, and proven resources. A graduate of the Nigerian Institute of journalism She had her OND and HND in mass communication followed by a Post Graduate Degree in public relations and advertising being an ardent lover of knowledge she went further to acquire certificates in courses like film and photography, media ethics and management, brand communication, advertising, leadership management as well as customer relations Her list of the satisfied clientele can be found in almost every commercial sector including Hospitality, Real estate, Gaming, Politics, Non-governmental and profit organisations, Entertainment, Food industries, Oluwakemis greatest joy is adding value to individual brands and organisations with result-oriented brand approaches that generate a top of the mind awareness, brand retention, lead generation, and high-end revenue for products and brands. some of the companies she has worked for include Adron Homes, Africa’s young entrepreneurs, Otakada, Bet9ja, Black Carpet Media, Green page media, EXP, Baits cosse, LWT, Lowe Lintas, Rosabelle, Television Continental, Radio continental, and many more others. Profile

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