Can I get more time?

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Time is the one resource that has rarely been enough for me. I do not know if I am the only one experiencing this but in recent times I feel it has worsened. Time seems to move so fast that before I know it, the day is over.

Well I do not really blame time; I think the issue here is that I have a lot of activities. Sometimes I find that I would have about two or three activities to do almost at the same time! Honestly it leaves me confused. If only the giver of time would come to me and ask me what I wanted. I would definitely ask for more time.

It was not always like this though. I remember a certain period of my life. That was around five years ago, I did not have as many activities as I do now to occupy me. I had a lot of spare time which I decided to spend on movies and when there was no power supply, I would be bored from having nothing to do. Now I barely have the time to look at my TV screen let alone watch a movie. If only I could go back to get those free time I had then; maybe then time would be enough.

A few days ago, I had a chat with a friend and narrated my ordeal to him. Can you imagine what I asked him? I asked, “Can I borrow some of your time?” And I was serious when I asked the question. Of course, he laughed at my request. Who would not laugh at such a question? He also shared his time challenges with me. I guess I am not the only one with such a burden after all!

Early this year I began my MBA at the prestigious Lagos Business School. The experience has been awesome; the faculty and my classmates are great. As much as I love being in the MBA program, I find it very demanding and stressful. This one addition to my already busy life is tough to handle.

How do I juggle my full-time time job, family, church, and my studies? How do I fit all into my 24 hours and not be exhausted by the end of the day? My worry is even more about its impact on my health.

Now I understand why professionals teach time management. They say that knowledge of effective time management can help individuals prioritize their activities and make the best use of their time. I have had the privilege of undergoing such training and reading resources on time management and I completely agree with what the books say about the subject. I also learned some tips on how to better use my limited time to achieve my goals. But I must tell you that in real life, it is not as easy as they make it look.

How do I apply the tips I have learned when so many activities are competing for my time and attention almost at the same time?

Well, since my request for more time is naturally impossible; the giver of time has not given ear to my request. Since everyone else seems to be experiencing time constraints as I am; I have decided to exercise some control over my busy life and pay close attention to the activities that take up my time.

Now it is time to take my life one day at a time, carefully deciding on what activities I can accommodate each day. I will pay more attention to my health and give it the care it deserves.

Time is indeed limited and there is nothing I can do about it. However, I can continue to ensure that I spend it well and in good health!

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