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Bloody Sunday is the headline in most newspapers. This Sunday June 5th 2022, started out like every other Sunday, a cool and beautiful weather met with a little sprinkle of rain. As with every other Sunday, I woke up early to prepare my family for the day; worship starts by 8am so we had to rush to do lot of things before leaving the house.

After the worship, I decided to help some families with newborns – driving them to their various houses in turns. It was quite a great experience. I felt the joy of giving my time; the smiles on the faces of these new mothers was quite refreshing to me. At about 11:40am I was back home; did laundry and some minutes later, I was on the bed to take my precious nap. I hardly trade it for anything, I love my Sunday afternoon sleep.

When I woke up, I decided to check through my phone; and the news I saw was shocking to say the least. An attack on a church in Owo, Ondo state, it was bloody; killing scores of people and leaving many seriously injured. ‘Not again’ I shouted, I was even confused; what should I do? What can I do?

I decided to call a few friends who live in Ondo state; to ask of their welfare and their thought on the attack. One of my friends was visibly terrified. I felt the tension in her voice; she was shaking in shock given the bloody and gory pictures all over the internet. She asked so many questions and all I could do was to keep quiet while she lament. One of the questions she asked struck me, I have been thinking on same since: ‘will there ever be peace on the earth’?

Why bloody? why terror here and there?

Recent happenings around the world prove God’s word true, that we are living in the last days. Second Timothy chapter 3 verses 1 to 5 seems to be at its peak of fulfillment. We are indeed living in critical times hard to deal with. People around the world are increasingly becoming fierce, having no natural affection, lovers of themselves, lovers of money, and a host of other vices.

Jesus also foretold that in the time of the end, peace would seize. While addressing his disciples about the signs of his presence and of the end of the system of things, he said in Matthew chapter 24 verses 6 to 8 that nations would rise against nations, we would hear of wars and reports of wars.

The happenings around us are to a large extent fulfillment of bible prophesies.

Peace will be restored at last

Humans have tried, but it seems their efforts are not enough or better still are yielding little or no positive results if at all. These are difficult times but all hope is not lost. The same bible gives hope, it prophesy about a world where peace would reign supreme and all wars shall seize. For instance Psalm chapter 37 verse 11 says the people dwelling on the earth will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

Also in Micah chapter 4 verse 3 we read “He will render judgment among many peoples and would set matters straight respecting mighty nations… they will not learn war anymore.” It went further in verse 4 that ‘each one will sit under his vine….. and no one will make them afraid’. Yes security under God’s kingdom is assured, it will be top notch. I eagerly look forward to such time.

In the meantime, I sympathize with the families affected and pray God comfort them.


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