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Colloquium is usually an academic meeting at which experts deliver addresses on a topic and when they are done, they answer questions relating to what the presented.

Today, I was opportune to attend a friends colloquium and the topic was building the framework for social inclusion and returning Nigeria to the path of prosperity in the Covid context.


Social inclusion is the process of improving the terms of participation in the society particularly for people who are disadvantage in one way or the other. This means that, when we talk about social inclusion, we are basically talking about the equality and right for all.

According to (Wallace, 2015), the sole aim of social inclusion is to reduce inequalities between the relatively disadvantage sectors of society and the relatively advantaged to the integration of a person into the community.

If an individual feels he or she is being shut out from the social, economic, political and cultural system, he or she will feel that he is not treated well, he will feel put to stop, sad may set in and all manner of vices in society on the basis of their identity.


The basic feature of social inclusion is that all individuals are able to;

  • Firstly, They are able to get a job
  • Secondly, They will be able to access services
  • Thirdly, They can connect with friends, family and co-workers
  • Fourthly, freedom to speak
  • Have personal interest in community issues and deal with the issues


Social inclusion aims to achieve an inclusive society that ;

  • Have respect for human rights.
  • Cultural difference and democratic governance and
  • Upholds principles of equality and equity.

Therefore, social inclusion is the policy outline to ensure that everybody is able to take part in the society not minding their background which may include race, language, gender, disability, social status, religious inclination, age and any other factors.


Social inclusion brings peace in the society and when there is peace, development will thrive in any society.


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