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In my quiet time I learnt that, value is hidden, buried deep within us, deep within. Often, we find that the most valuable things do not look valuable or impressive, at first sight. We can agree that, what really makes things precious or of value era in their properties within. And not necessarily the shiny surface. These properties are mostly hidden, and hold an intrinsic value.

In like sense, most valuable people don’t look like much. I often find that God does us a solid by hiding us (his valuable people) as we would our jewels, in a safe place. He hides us sometimes until we are strong enough in him to withstand destruction.


Most beautiful things suffer abuse. It is the way of the world, to steal and destroy value so you must guard the value in you and not expose it prematurely without God’s go ahead. We must simply hear from God on when to do things. Failure to do so often lands us in chaos. But, thank God for mercy! He is able to turn our mistakes around and make them work out for our good.

David did not prematurely go dragging the throne with Saul. Even though he had the value of a King hidden within him. Despite the fact that it was confirmed when God ordered Samuel to anoint him as King.

If he had taken that as confirmation to do his own things outside of God, by going after the throne in his own wisdom, he might have ended up dead.

But, he let God and God fought his battles for him whilst he held his peace. Eventually, in God’s own time, without him having to be shady against his predecessor he satisfied God’s prophecy over his life.

If God has said it, when He will do it. That is why knowing what God’s word says about us is key. There is no need to play dirty politics to get something that God already says is yours.

David, by honoring God was found honorable. He ended up avoiding curses that would cause those that might have come after him to overthrow him prematurely. By avoiding making a coup to end Saul, He secured a future without the fear of being conquered.


  • Jesus! Help me to be obedient to you above all else.
  • Fill my heart with profound love for you.
  • Thank you for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
  • I humbly come before you that I may boldly stand before great men, knowing that you are with me.
  • I find my peace in the confidence that you are with me. For I do all things only because you strengthen me.

On a final note, I declare that the Bible is the greatest treasure even though it does not look like much. In my quiet time, I find God’s voice. I am no longer worried about my prayers not being answered. I am more concerned about praying the right prayers. Because, I can testify with my full chest that God sure does answer prayers.


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